Aug 5, 2013

4 Concepts to Convert your Website into an App

4 Concepts to Convert your Website into an App front
The previous article spewed fire on the need for having an app for your precious website. Here we'll discuss the concepts you can use to create a new app from your already functioning website. According to data from mobithinking, currently 1.3 billion consumers are using android, this figure is expected to rise to 4.4 billion by 2017. As per Neilson report, huge number of people are now shifting towards mobile smartphones. An april Google Survey, show that people preffer mobile web than websites. 56 billion smartphone apps will be downloaded in the year 2013 as per ABI Reseach. Portio Research, however suggests that the revenue from app downloaded will increase to 64.5 billion in 2017. Now that you are on my side in creating an app, lets widen your horizon and see the different types of apps you can create. Lets have the four types of apps web developers always want for conversion.

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The Functional App
A re-directional app on the other-hand, functions in a completely different way. For an app, the user just has to toil for once, i.e. during the installation of the app. 
After that, the person just has to click on the app in his phone and boom! your website, his smartphone, a match made in heavens. Regarding the concept  an app is usually known for its functionality. A website however is not. 

You can actually use your app to practically pull the users towards your website, confused? lets have an example, A very apt example for fitness lovers is an app called micoach at adidas. The app tracks your movements as you go jogging or walking or running with the help of gps on your phone.. Finally after the workout, the app give you the distance traveled, calories burnt and even speed. In a nutshell it is a complete app. but there is a facility of scheduling workouts in the app, . i.e. you can create  a schedule on which days you would plan to run and which days you would rather work on strength training. However the function can used only after you sign-up on the website. That would mean the visitors will have to visit the website and look at other functionality available, glance through their blogs indulge in forums and meet new people (See how the possibilities unfold)

micoach screenshot

Number image concepts 2A. Website Redirection Type App
Other than a functional app which obviously provides a service, you can always go for the simple website redirection app. which opens a separate platform for viewing your website that too without opening the browser. This is applicable for podcast based websites too (like websites which host video clips or music composings) where users can select and view a video. a very nice example is the khan academy app, where separate videos are hosted for students to listen and learn.

Khanacademy screenshot

Let us take the example of, an extraordinary website with huge connections and overflowing articles. What does it need, you ask? "I want to conquer the world" would be its answer. Why would an otherwise fabulous website need an app for. But they do have one, for the obvious reasons mentioned in the previous article. The app readily transforms into a full blown article based website which obviously relies on your ability to make a selection and touch.

Mashable Screenshot

2B. Website Conversion Type App
Another type of app is the one using a website and converting into an app. with separate functionality for buttons, image viewings and feedback systems, throw in a couple of simple games and you've got yourself a real winner. One really good website converted into an app is The website is one of the most popular and trusted sources of latest news. let us look at the app.

NDTV screenshot

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Reader Type App
Other than website redirection and functional apps, there is a third type of app not very common but is still present. The particular app downloads content from the website and reads it aloud with the help of an inbuilt reader software. 
The app is particularly useful for commuters who do not have enough time to read or are unable to read. and prefer to listen to the article being read aloud by someone while on a bus or train.

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Theme from your website
If your website is an insanely popular one with a lot of people backing it and a bucket load of fans just waiting for a piece of it. you can create a theme based app.
The theme consists of just duplicating the css style of the website into a theme pack which can be installed on any android or ios device. In short, your website structure and content is sooooo good that people are dying to replicate/copy it on their phones.

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