Jul 29, 2013

7 Reasons, why do you need an app for your website?

7 Reasons, why do you need an app for your website? frontHave a website and its not doing great? Want another way up? Then you're at the correct place. When you come through the article below you will have a renewed sense of direction and clarity. You will understand why is it better to have a cannon in a world of guns.

My professor used to tell me, the road to success is always fraught with difficulties which can be overcome only by updation. At the age of 68, he used to subscribe to journals and used to buy books just to keep himself updated with the latest technologies. But as a student you are bound to experiment. (What happens if i do this? What happens If i mix this and that?) Applying the same concept to the web design and development sphere, I can ask the same question in a different manner, What if I mixed web design and android apps. The world is obviously android or ios savvy, If I look it in that way, by mixing these two different Things together I am swimming into an ocean of untold possibilities. But again it would need a lot of resources, energy and time too.  Uncertainties will come surely. Questions will be raised, you ask and I'll answer.

"Why android? I am getting pretty good comments and large number of visitors on my website. People do visit my advertisements and every thing looks fine. Why do I waste my time in app creation?"
First of all,there is one figure that you must keep in mind,, 1.5 billion, that's right 'billion' about a quarter of the world population have a smart phone. imagine your reach with so many devices ready to display your website. Also you must have you heard of the pencil example by Swami Vivekananda? 

'To excel, Spend 90% of your time sharpening your pencil and just 10% for using it'

Agreed your website is performing better than ever everything's looking up, but what is you can soar even higher? creating an android app will give higher visibility to your website and thus providing you with more number of visitors swarming your site. wouldn't you like that? I have observed on multiple occasions that people are often lured by a good looking app towards the parent website in search for more material or functionality.

'I am still not convinced, Its just too much trouble for too less'
Ok, I get your suspicion, So I've got 7 crucial reasons which shall clear your doubts. At the end you'll curse yourself 'Why didn't I start sooner?'

Reason 1: More Likes and retweets! :-D

A mobile app will let your readers instantly like your articles, give it a thumbs up, retweet, or give a Google +1.

Reason 2: Higher Visibility babe ;-)

Websites are often looked done because of their higher loading times and erratic behavior on mobile platforms. But apps function well on almost every mobile device.

Reason 3: Boast New Content :-0 

Say Goodbye to the days when people come to your website because of a singular post on facebook or twitter. Now apps are the ones doing all the heavy-work when a new article comes in town. If you own an ecommerce website, special discounts will obviously grab more consumers.

Reason 4: "I trust You, My love"

Psychologically speaking, people find websites with apps more trustable. This leads to more action based clicks and better sales from ecommerce websites.

Reason 5: "Money, Money, Money" $-D

People do not see it coming when they are suddenly lured through apps into buying things.

Reason 6: "Tony will BURN after seeing my app!" :-@

You will actually see the fumes coming out of your competitors head when he sees your new app and what it can do.

Reason 7: "Are you unhappy, my loyal minions?" :-( 

An app will help you understand your consumer's requirements in a better way. A feedback from your loyal visitors or readers is always much appreciated. Provided you take it in the right sense.

"OK, I get it, I'll make an app, but what is the concept? 
How is it different from the mobile website?"

A mobile website lags in several things; a mobile website usually opens up in a browser only, so the user has to open up chrome, safari etc. and then type your web address or name and then search from the Google search listings and then arrive at the website to read the articles. An app will bring more life to the situation, more colors and much more fun! If you need a concept for the app, just wait for the next article.

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