Aug 26, 2013

An Interview with the people at LogoPeople

Logopeople logo front
Today, codemakit presents to you, yet another exceptional design entity, which created codemakit's own logo in 2013. In the past codemakit has posted interviews with individual designers, but for the first time, we present an article with a design firm. 

Logopeople was created in 2009 and within just 4 years of its inception, the website brandishes more than 5000 satisfied customers from Australia and New Zealand. 

The motto of the company is to provide its client a logo which is unique, identifiable and captivating. With economic design costs and extraordinary products, the firm is one of the fastest growing graphic and web design firms in Australia. 

How do they do it?

Stage 1The workflow for the company with respect to logo design is very simple indeed. Once you select the firm for your design works and place the order, You just have to fill up a questionnaire about your needs and aspirations about the project. 

Based on the questionnaire, expert graphic designers get to work and provide you with a variety of designs for your perusal. 

Stage 2You are then required to submit suggestions on the design after which you will be presented with another improved and refined design. For most customers the process ends here. But if you're a fussy one, you can still ask for more changes and believe me the design team will happily oblige. 

After your final approval, the firm would deliver all the finalized vector based drawings to you in High Resolution.

Stage 3In the Logo Design Order form, the website asks you several simple questions to get to know what you are looking for in the design. For example, the text of the logo, Taglines. 

You now will be presented with three choices of Logo design, (Text Only, Iconic or Text with graphics). 

Types of logo

Stage 4Next your ideas will be asked, and then some information on the products and services the company is offering. Lastly for some design input from your end, you can provide some logo samples that you like. Then comes your color preferences (i.e. which color you like and which you despise). 

Once done, you just have to submit the form and let the logo People take care of your project. (Interested customers can place your order in the 'order form' provided at the website).

What's in it for me?

The Firm Logo People also has an affiliate program where people can have an opportunity to earn money without investment, The catch is simple enough, you just have to find graphic and webdesign projects for the firm and overlook the project from inception to end. You will receive commissions and hefty benefits along with total control over the project.

Something Personal

Mohit: Tell us about yourself, how did you start in the design genre in website development?
Logopeople: Creative graphic design has always been my passion. I always like to create something original for my websites. My aim is to get to the core of  an idea and then bring forth it essence in the form of original unique graphic designs for logos, website or print designs.

Some Logos made by Logopeople

On Work Attitude

Mohit: From Engineering companies (Moon Engine), Sculpture Studios (Anne Anderson) to Wine Companies (Yarran Wines) Logo, You must have a string of impressed and satisfied customers (Including me). How do you manage such feat? Is it your fees, your way of working or something else? 
Logopeople: My first approach to any customer is to make them feel comfortable. The customers feel that they are with their friends. I discuss their requirements and give them practical and economical suggestions. I try to work within their budgets giving them the best quality work. I also do a lot of research so that I can give my clients the best and most trendy branding artwork.You can visit to our website for portfolio.

On Failures

Mohit: During your tenure in design, you must have had some setbacks too. Our readers would like to ask you, How do you deal with depressing days?
Logopeople: I deal with setbacks in 2 ways. First way is when client is not happy with my work.Then I have meeting with client and get as much criticism as possible from the client. This helps me immensely as it helps me to eliminate what is not liked by the client. After this bout of frank honest criticism , I  see light most times and I am able to deliver graphics to the client satisfaction. But sometimes , the case is hopeless and the communication with client is  a total breakdown. In such case ,  I say good bye on an amicable note and move on.

Some Logos made by Logopeople

Mohit: Your Firm is very popular for website logo design but you are still into print designs too. Do you find the work flow of designing web logos any different from designing brochures or product labels?
Logopeople: Yes there is a marked difference. Logo is always more difficult as it is the starting point of any branding. Logo requires immense input in terms of ideas and artwork. Once the logo is approved , then designing and developing print design like brochure, labels , poster etc is easy as the theme and style of branding has been set by the logo design.

On Blogging

Mohit: Your Blogs at have always been filled with cleverly written articles on design philosophies which are maintained periodically. How important is a blog for any design company?
Logopeople: A blog is essential to any design company not just for SEO purposes but also for establish the image and reputation of the company. Informative and engaging blog not just attract visitors to the website but also help to develop public relations with clients. Many informative blogs act as a beacon of knowledge  for client.

And Finally.

Mohit: I have met scores of dedicated Graphic Designers and have found almost all of them using adobe based softwares for graphic development. What is it you find in Photoshop that you cannot find in other softwares like Corel Draw or Inkscape?
Logopeople: Photoshop is definitely most versatile of all the design softwares. It is numerous tools which give extreme flexibility to designing skills helping to create most unique and original designs

You can reach them at LogoPeople Contact page
For readers having doubts, you can view their testimonial page and see for yourself.

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