Aug 30, 2013

How do you report a person on Twitter

How do you report a person on Twitter Front
Following the footsteps of facebook, pinterest and google+, Twitter too has started its new service known as report abuse. Though the feature of report abuse had already been started in the iOS app, twitter has now officially started the service on the desktop version. 

The move was made by the micro-blogging site after it witnessed a surge of users demanding the option. This came after two journalists India Knight and Laurie Penny received death threats on twitter. Tony wang, the General Manager of Twitter UK, agreed that the threat was “Simply Unacceptable”. 
When you report a person, what happens?
When a person goes on to report a user or a tweet, he/she is greeted by a large fonted message, 

“I am reporting an abusive user.”

The abuse section on the support page deals with three kinds, 
  1. If someone on twitter is posting a person’e private information
  2. If someone on twitter is being abusive
  3. If someone is sending a person violent threats.

TwitterTwitter’s own article against abusive behavior enlists some points which can help users understand the situation better.

The micro-blogging website urges users to first understand twitter and what it does. Next it wants us to consider the context and goes on to explain that the individual tweets can be confusing and it is possible the tweet you consider offensive might be a part of a long conversation. Try to understand the history of your tweets, which people stopped following you suddenly etc.

Also the support page urges users to think before they tweet and if they find someone or something offensive, They are always welcome to block the person and ignore the tweet.

But what should you do when the situation has gone too far?
Twitter recommends you to reach out to the people you trust. Talk to them about the situation and make them understand the gravity of the situation. Certain websites would help,

If you need Step by step process of reporting a person to twitter, You can look at the report by Stop cyber bullying

"This article is dedicated towards bullied innocents who now have something to smile at."

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