Nov 18, 2013

An Interview with JetBro from 'The Den'

An Interview with JetBro from 'The Den' Front
Today we have a web design company which has crossed the boundaries of simple web design/ app creation. A company which has defied the conventional methods of professionalism and created an atmosphere which reeks of productivity and creative enthusiasm.

Jetbro is an Ahmedabad based company specializing in IT services and digital solutions. It's motto “Art with sense. We deliver what your mind thinks.” creeps up into the mind when you see its main/portfolio/about page.

I would not delay the imminent anymore. Let us see what 'The Den' has to offer.

The Story

Mohit: Let’s Start with the history of JetBro. How did you start? How did the group form?

Jetbro: Ours is a young team of passionate and dedicated coders, developers, designers, artists and professionals. Jetbro started its operation way back in the January of 2011, with a team of three including our two founders (Mr. Ishit Jethwa and Mr. Sharva Jethwa) who operated it from two separate countries, UK and Australia along with an intermediary in India to take care of the local business. 

A screenshot from Jetbro's website

Jetbro was self-funded by the salary that Sharva (Founder) earned then, working as a lone developer in an Australian firm. Ishit (Founder) in the meantime took care of the marketing and finally flew down to India, in the June of 2011, to set across a fully functional operational market that we claim today.

The initial days were rough, where we had to convince our clients on the market possibilities of getting online, while Ishit went on foot from one organization to other, understanding their business issues and offering them with digital solutions. Today, the Jetbro family banks on happy clients and a self-motivated team, proud of their work and projects and beaming with future possibilities of working towards to a digitally advanced tomorrow.

Finding good and exciting projects is difficult for a startupMohit: You started in 2011, and some of your initial projects were Blue Lotos, Dakara Dirt etc. As a start-up how did you manage to bag the initial projects?

Jetbro: Finding good and exciting projects is difficult for a startup. We accepted that early on. But, we knew that nothing would come easy, unless you prove your worth.

The solution was to accept that and keep looking for opportunities, that justified what we stand for and striving across, to address issues in firms and organization that seek digital solutions. Our initial projects were those that we applied to and claimed online through leads available on several web portals.

The Den

Mohit: I reckon that from your website and the company profile, people see you as a hip, carefree group. Is it a mirage or is your 'den' actually as cool as it sounds like?

It’s young, alive, brewing with ideas and rocking on some pretty heavy music.Jetbro: Cool? Well, we have so far refused to put any label on us. But yea, if “Cool” is something you feel that relates to us, then we’d rather go for the “Bloody Cool!” tag. We have always been like that. Bold and staying true to our professional values and what we believe in.

The Den is a special place. It isn't the usual corporate environment. It’s young, alive, brewing with ideas and rocking on some pretty heavy music. The Den is where the artists within our coders, designers and professionals come alive to stir across innovations that bank on futuristic digital solutions. 

On Works

Mohit: I especially found your BRTS app really useful. How important is making applications for mobile environment? Do you think that the future is slowly moving towards a world with "Lesser websites and more apps"?

Jetbro: Catering to the mobile environment is extremely important. But the notion that “the future is slowly moving towards a world with lesser websites and more apps” is untrue. The future isn’t restricted to mobile phones; it relies on a technology that caters to all devices.
Being a digital agency we believe any digital service that is futuristic should cater to every kind of audience and on every available platform. Be it on the web or the different kinds of mobile devices. Developers should never shy away from making their services adaptable to every screen in order to deliver universal digital solutions.

Mohit: Now a question regarding your website. Usually service websites are filled with information and data (including pricing, detailed description of works done etc), your website on the other hand focuses entirely on the aesthetic aspect of web design. Customers are supposed to extract this information from you through your contact page. Do you think aesthetics are better than functional information?

putting a tag on them, makes them conventional.Jetbro: Aah! We are so glad you asked. We do showcase our work, but here’s why we haven’t put up any functional information.  Putting up a price on our solutions is another thing the Den refrains from, which has been discussed in our blog where we elaborate on why it’s a dilemma to put a price on the websites we build. Here’s the link to the same, How much does a website cost? We don’t want to be conventional and neither do we want our clients to expect “the conventional” when they approach the Den. 
Defining the services and putting a tag on them, makes them conventional. 

Defining the kind of solutions we offer, means the client already has a line of thinking on how things will get done and they’ll want us to stick to that routine. However, at Den we vouch for challenges and not routines. Every client project is tackled with a fresh set of ideas, designs and a whole new approach.

We might have done the same kind of project earlier but we don’t want this one to be a repetition of our earlier work. For us every new project demands a fresh zeal of enthusiasm and innovative outlook and that’s the reason we don’t define our ways. We love clients who are equally experimentative and looking to invest in “New Ideas”.

Mohit: Tell us something about your recent apps.

Jetbro: We pride ourselves on being the first ones who launched a BRTS app for Ahmedabad, while the rest followed. And as has been the tradition now, we've strived ourselves to deliver yet another app - Ahmedabad Otlo, dedicated exclusively to the beautiful city and people of Ahmedabad. Our goal has always been to make the lives of an everyday citizen easier using technology.

What makes us so proud with Ahmedabad Otlo is "Show Love", where we encourage users to share concerns regarding problems in their local area in Ahmedabad that needs immediate attention and garner "supports" for their cause among fellow Amdavadis and help us build a beautiful Ahmedabad. 
You can download our app Ahmedabad Otlo. We would love to know, what our fellow Amdavadis think of the app through this platform and encourage feedback from them, to help us improvise and deliver the best, to a city, that we love and cherish so much!

On Setbacks

Mohit: As a standalone firm offering variety of services to a variety of customers, you are bound to have some depressing days. How do you deal with them and how do you keep the morale of your employees high?

We all have those moments. But sulking ain't our style
Jetbro: Yes! We all have those moments. But sulking ain't our style. We re-group, re-assemble, conduct brain-storming sessions with our clients and work on weekends if we have to; unless we are sure that the project has truly accomplished our client’s purpose and motive behind the same.

Client satisfaction is our ultimate “high” and burning midnight oil to serve that kind of satisfaction is just something that our professionalism calls upon. Ours is a bunch of self-motivated and driven individuals and that’s the reason why we never fail to triumph and find solutions even amongst utter chaos.

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Creative Suburbs, one of the projects of Jetbro
Domain & server, Web design, Content creation in web Sphere; Tablet specific design, Branding & Logo in Design Sphere; Online and viral marketing; customized crm, data analysis, mining and modeling, phew! the list goes on but thankfully not the article. Visit Jetbro's website (At-least to see the about page section). Like them at Jetbro's original Facebook Page or follow them @jetbroden at Twitter.

Technomugs, The Official Blog at Jetbro, Young ideas, recent trends and everything from their coffee conversations to their new launches gets talked about there. 


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