Nov 25, 2013

Method to Double your Visitors with Proof

Method to Double your Visitors with Proof
The web is filled with articles to double your website visitors. Every now and then a new blog post comes up claiming that it has found out the golden method to double the existing visitors on your blog. The truth is, there is no magical sure-shot way of increasing visitors, where you can finger some buttons, chant a magical hymn and behold! Your site is swarming with visitors!

So how do people manage to get millions of views per month? And how do they claim to have a bounce rate of less than 40%? The answer lies in simple methods and techniques that most people do use, but not properly. Here you will be presented with a method to double your visitors. This is no banal post with a list of thinks you should do for higher pagerank or a list of faults in your SEO practices. This is based on a simple mechanical technique, i.e. Smooth posting or regular posting with regular intervals. You will also be presented with proof that the technique works and sometimes even more than you expected.

Change Number of Visitors

The Method/Technique

The method is simple enough. You have a habit of posting an article whenever and wherever you like, But that will have to stop. You are no longer a master of your free will, but a slave of Google algorithm and your visitors. You will have to post regularly and punctually. The first step includes, Setting a timetable for your blog posts. Complete timetable for different type of bloggers is discussed in previous post.

Article Posting schedule for a week

Learn More at a previous article on time schedule for the Ideal Blog based on your need.

One that should not be altered at any cost. Following are some examples for posting frequency based on the expected growth of your blog from a previous article on when you should post an article on your Blog.

Here are the results from Blog X where such technique was applied. 
Before the technique was applied, the posting frequency was erratic, the blog sometimes witnessed a posting spree when 3 posts were published in a day and sometimes witnessed a draught where not a single post was published in a week. This led to a really erratic visitor statistics, which reached 200 per day in good times and wouldn’t even reach 50 per day in draught. Here are some statistics for the blog 

Stats for the Website from Google Analytics

Before Applying the method,

The total visitors in a month barely reached 4,000. 
Page views per visit was 1.13
0.47 seconds was the average visitor duration
Bounce rate was 90.13

As per the ideal blog posting schedule explained in a previous article at codemakit, Case III from the ideal Blog posting table was applied on the blog. According to the contents of the particular case, the blogger is supposed to post an article 3 times a week, following a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.
As per another article on codemakit referring to the ideal blog posting time for a blog, the blog posting was scheduled at 4:30am.

After the Application

The following are the statistics for the blog after applying the method for about 20 days.

The total visitors in a month reached to a whopping 12,000
Page views per visit increased to 1.75
The average visitor duration was 2.20 seconds
Bounce rate came down to 79

Changes Observed in Pages per Visit

Another change was observed in the social media. The Facebook page of the blog too witnessed a phenomenal increase in the audience. However the changes took place in about 20 days after employing the schedule. As is evident from the screenshot below, the Facebook audience increased two folds.

Changes Observed in Facebook

Technique to Social Media

To improve Facebook scenario, another technique was applied in addition to the scheduled blog posting. The technique has been in use by many other successful page owners too. It is a simple method of posting what is not in-house. What comes under this category? Let’s have a look,
  1. Re-post/share other posts in the same genre
  2. Create and post Images/Photos on the subject
  3. Share important External and Internal Links

The above three were applied on the Facebook page with visible results.
You must remember that a really long interval in between two posts might result into an obituary of your blog.
If you have a website which has benefited after reading this case study, Please share your links

This was a simple, 
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