May 12, 2014

The best 404 pages in History

The best 404 pages in History front404 is an error page. It simply means that the page you looked for does not exist. The 400 series of errors were discussed before. At codemakit we had also discussed the concept of using 404 pages to your strength. But certainly one learns as he watches. A really good 404 page can spark inspiration and lead to the birth of yet another shining star.

So based on several hours of surfing and encountering 404 pages, I bring you THE BEST 404 PAGES in History!


In our list of Best 404 pages in history, Blizzard the gaming Giant comes at the top with its broken page. The page looks as if a bomb had just gone off and you're standing in its debris.



Lockerz with its really dynamic, animated yet simple page stands second in our list of bad-ass 404 pages. The astronaut too looks really lifelike (if it weren't for the cutout).



The third in our list is an Indian MBA Community. The forum has similar faces as its mascots. The page really gives off a cool and carefree look. Though the layout used for it is different, still can't complain.

Pagal Guy


RSQ with its dark comedy deserves the fourth place here. Though a link in a coffin does seem a really hilarious situation.



"Originality always trumps content", A wise man said. Limpfish with its highly original and worthy 404 page deserves rank 5.



The 404 page of Attack pattern simply lightens the mood. It is relevant too, you know because we're just surfing.

Attack pattern


Talking of Dynamic animated 404 pages, SAUS could have jumped up to 4 if it weren't for the language paralysis. The page hypnotises you to keep staring at it forever. See at you own risk.



Taking of minimalist 404 pages, Rarereviews sets a nice little example for a page wchich informs and doesn't take much space or time to load Which can be otherwise reduced.



Often expletives liven up the mood of a surfer, Such SEO psychology is used by Knormal to keep visitors on page even after encountering a 404 page.



I once had the honour to interview owner veerle pieters. Now I am honoured to present its 404 page for your scrutiny.


If you feel we've left some worthy pages in the list, there is a provision known as Comment.

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