Jun 2, 2014

Simple Way to Convert excel tables to HTML

Simple Way to Convert excel tables to HTML
Many webmasters and bloggers not hailing from a web design back ground often feel the need to convert an excel file into html. But they want to achieve this feat without the unnecessary coding, hit-and-trials or head banging. 

One must admit, A method of converting an excel worksheet into its html counterpart is difficult. Owing to lack of options webmasters often resort to taking screenshot of the tables and inserting it as an image in the blog. Arguably, this is a great method to insert tables into a webpage, but it does not perform the job. The following are reasons why inserting table as an image is wrong.

  1. It does not look good
  2. Your readers cannot click
  3. They cannot copy the text (for which, even codemakit method cannot help)
  4. The image might perform weird in a mobile device
  5. The text and the table prepared by you so meticulously will not be read by search engines
  6. It shows lack of finesse in the blog

* You cannot just copy and paste the table text as alt txt in images, because large text in Alt-Text defies Blogger Policies.

So, looks like you're going to need HTML table. Now that I've established your need for HTML tables I shall present a solution.

First, open the table containing the spreadsheet. Save it as a .csv file.

Excel to HTML Sample

Excel to HTML Sample

* A .csv file is a comma separated values file, here the values are separated by commas, which makes it easier for online web applications to convert.

Excel to HTML Sample

Next, go to http://www.tablesgenerator.com/html_tables

Excel to HTML Table Generator

Click on file - Upload .csv File and Upload.

Excel to HTML Table Generator

Now you'll be presented with a raw version of your html table. You can make modifications, change font type, size, justification, color, cell color etc.

Excel to HTML Table Generator

Every update will be reflected at the newly created html-CSS file at the bottom of the page.

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