Dec 15, 2014

How will my blog die? (Bounce Rate)

How will your blog die? (Bounce Rate)
Ever wondered how will your blog die? Or What would happen when your blog dies?

The article series will help you answer this question in detail. This article will discuss the changes in the bounce rate when your blog dies.

Note. If you think you've missed the previous part, check out the 'When will my blog die?' study from the start.

Though it has been proved more than once that bounce rates are never a perfect indicator of a website's health as they change with the type of your website, a bounce rate of 100 is still worse than a bounce rate of 90.

(For more information on bounce rate you can check out a previous article on 'How is bounce rate calculated').

Here are the results of an experiment proposed in which no changes were made on a blog for a total of 44 days.

The following study was conducted in the time frame of 19th Sept, 2014 to 1st November, 2014.

Change in Bounce Rate with Time

As seen in the graph below, the change in bounce rate with respect to time is minimal. The bounce rate is edging towards a full 100% i.e. a all visitors who land on the website leave without visiting any internal link on the page. This in short is dismal and points towards an impending doom.

Change in Bounce Rate with Time

The good news however is that the bounce rate is increasing glacially slow and it would be 424 days (about 60 Weeks) before the bounce rate touches 100% for good. We know from the previous article that the number of visitors would be down to zero before that.

Correlation between Bounce Rate and Pages per Session

A nice correlation can be made between bounce rate and pages per session. It was seen initially that higher the bounce rate lower were the pages visited by the user per session.

This was perfectly understandable, i.e. if more percentage of people are leaving the blog, it means that they are visiting lesser number of internal links and thereby lesser number of internal pages of your blog. This trend continued throughout the period of study.

Correlation between Bounce Rates and Percentage New Sessions

Another relation can be found out between Bounce rates and Percentage new sessions. It was found that higher the bounce rates, Higher the percentage new sessions. This further concretes our understanding that newer visitors will not be highly interested in the articles, than that of returning visitors who have actually come back as a sign of veneration or sheer trust, hence they will not leave the blog without surfing further.

This trend was however, shattered after 35 days since the last article, Bounce rates were suddenly inversely proportional to the percentage new sessions.

Though it looks scary, but even if bounce rates touch a hundred, It is not tough to bring it back to your desired level by using simple tricks to improving bounce rate.

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