Dec 1, 2014

When will my blog die (A study)

When will my blog die (A study) FrontCodemakit once conducted a study on a single question, "What happen when you do not post for a week". Let us take this question further and ask another, "What happens when you do not blog for a month?". 

Note. If you think you've missed the previous part, check out the 'When will my blog die?' study from the start.

When does your blog die if your do not post about anything?

The complete article is in the form of a study presented in a simple way (as is always done at codemakit website research)

The following study was conducted in the time frame of 19th Sept, 2014 to 1st November, 2014, i.e. a total of 44 Days.

The Experiment

This was an experiment proposed in which no changes were made on a blog for a total of 44 days. 

Based on the current data from the website, the data was plotted on graph and extrapolated forwards to find out, when will the blog die. Here are some examples, (though for the sake of clarity, I would suggest you to read the parameters separately).

When will my blog die Examples

Parameters Compared

The study measured the following parameters, Number of Visitors, Bounce Rates, Pages per Session, percentage new sessions, Percentage of returning Sessions and Average Session time.

The death of a blog in simple words is basically a blog having the following parameters.

1. Number of Visitors = Zero
2. Bounce Rates = 100 %
3. Pages per Session = Zero
4. Percentage new sessions = 0
5. Percentage of returning Sessions = 0
6. Average Session time = Zero

Let us first define the parameters first, the number of Visitors is fairly easy to decipher, it has been extensively covered in various articles on Method to double your visitors and What to do for higher blog visitor series.

The Bounce Rate too is basically the percentage of visitors who bounce off from your page. (though bounce rates are not a true indicator of your blog's health). Those would be discussed in further articles describing each parameter in detail. 

Pages per session is the number of pages a person opens at the blog when he/she browses through the website.

Percentage new sessions are the number of visitors who have come to your page for the first time. 

Percentage of returning sessions are the number of visitors who has visited the website once or more before. 

Just like the movies, a blog never dies the way you thought it wouldAverage session time is the amount of time a person spends on the website before moving on. if you're interested about the parameter itself, you can view another codemakit article on make your visitors stay longer at your website, which is same as increasing the average session time.

The Results

During the period of Study, the six parameters showed some differences. 

Obviously the number of visitors would reduce down to zero, the Bounce rate would increase to 100%, Pages per session too can reduce to zero. 

But there was one anomaly in the data, within 44 days of the study, it was found that the average session duration did not reduce down to zero, in fact, it actually would never come close to zero. The Average Session Duration of the blog kept on increasing as the time progressed. 

However for more detailed results on the different changes to the parameters of the blog, it is advisable to check the individual articles first.

The Complete Study

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