Mar 10, 2015

The Relation between Reading ease and Viewership

Ever wondered, how your writing style affects the number of visitors at your blog? 

We often wonder what do people mean when they say, quality trumps quantity. Or when people say, "You need to focus on your content to leverage your SEO practices".

Who knows what type of content qualifies as quality content? So we at codemakit, performed an experiment to find out "How does page views relate to the readability of a text?". 

The Premise

A complete set of all articles published at was collected for the year 2014. Every article written in 2014 was passed through a readability scanner and values for the above mentioned parameters were found. The page-view data for each article was obtained from blogger's stats page. Finally each article was compared on the basis of the specific parameter and the number of page views garnered by the article during that period.

It might be possible that some articles discussed in the experiment were too recent to be able to check for absolute page views i.e. the recent articles might have lesser page views and still be attracting visitors while the older articles might have a large number of page views and have stopped gather more due to lack of updation. However through subsequent tests, it was found that a normal article stops gathering substantial page views after a period of a month. Any page views after a month of publication is quite small and can be neglected in the study.

The Results

The readability of any text can be determined very easily. You just need to consider some parameters and find the relation between them and the number of page views received by your blog.
Further articles will delve into different relations between the following parameters,

Changes in Page-views with number of words
Changes in Page-views with number of sentences in an article
Changes in Page-views with number of syllables per word in a passage
Changes in Page-views with average number of words per sentence
Changes in Page-views with the number of Complex Words in a text
Changes in page views with percentage of complex words in an article

Such simple and elementary comparisons between the parameters will help us understand what type of writing does a normal user and a normal search engine like.

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