Nov 11, 2015

An experiment on user response to Colors

An experiment on user response to Colors
This is an ongoing study on the change in perception of users to colors. An excellent infographic from kissmetrics and webscout implored for a change in color combinations on webpages to elicit certain responses from the viewers. 

To exemplify, red denotes energy and passion, however, yellow displays enthusiasm. So one can use such colors based on the visitor demographics you receive. For websites catering to passionate readers, red or black could be the ideal color choice. You could utilize such colors on areas that require action such as "Buy Now" buttons or "Subscribe Now" Buttons. 

On the other hand, if you cater to a more refined and mature audience, the usage of extreme colors might actually hamper changes of conversion. E-commerce websites have been using such methods from time immemorial in the hopes of luring impulsive buyers.

Banner BeforeBanner After

However, such a technique was attempted on itself when the banner color was changed. The banner color was initially an 8 bit variation of black itself. To include the above mentioned strategy, the banner color was changed to varients of red and blue.

The modification in the color of the main banner was made on 18th of August 2015. Data analysed were for a month before the modification and a month after. Hence the data corresponds to number of sessions and the bounce rates for 60 days.

Relation between Variables before and after Change

As can be seen, there was mild increase in the number of sessions per day and a slight decrease in the bounce rate. 

Though the change corresponded to a positive effect, It is not substantial and more changes are required,

Further Reading.

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This was,
An experiment on user response to Colors MohitChar


  1. Really interesting findings, cool that you tried it on your own site. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is a very interesting experiment, thank you for sharing the information. I've paid attention that vast majority of site owners use blue interface. Don't know if it really helps or maybe that is a widespread bias, but pretty curious. I usually don't do this work myself relying on the professionals help. However, a detailed study of this issue may give a bunch of useful conclusions. It also makes sense to analyze what colors do most successful online companies use. Their experience could be a wonderful starting point of the research. However, I think they are not willing to share their commercial secrets.

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