About the Author

About the Author

Mohit Jain is an avid blogger who writes about website and blog enhancement. His interests include content and Search Engine OptimisationFont inclusion, Research and walkthroughs. His posts target not blogs but majorly websites and their enhancement. With a strong desire to write informative and original articles, Mohit continues to keep adding articles to codemakit.com. 

He holds a degree of Engineering in Civil from Institute of Technology, Nirma University. In addition to the concepts of Civil engineering, he is well versed with image editing softwares like corel Draw X5 and Adobe Photoshop, notepad++, TurboC and Netbeans. His skill sets include Javascript, XHTML and CSS.

The website

Currently codemakit is built on blogger platform, images created and modified through CorelDraw. With more than 250 articles, 2000 facebook posts and 600 tweets, codemakit strives to help users indulge into the intricacies of web design and development. The website has also cunducted and hosted Interviews with prominent personalities in the web sphere. During one such interview JetBro humbled codemakit by writing an article on it.

The codemakit story

codemakit started in 2007 as a free website named codemakit Knowledge Repository which had articles on C++ programming, then came codemakit source code directory which had C++ source codes for many games and applications. codemakit.webs.com came next, a free website which once became one of the top 15 debut webs.com websites. Finally in 2009 codemakit blogs started, a blogspot based blog which aimed at explaining users on ways to improve personal blogs and webpages without spending much from the pocket. 

The blog still presents research articles, interviews and information on online applications and websites. In 2012 the blog bought its domain name and since then it has continued to help bloggers and enthusiastic web designers shape their creation through its articles and e-books, most popular of which is, "The SEO and Content E-book" in released in 2013.

Side Projects

Mohit Char
MohitChar - A handwriting based font system used extensively on codemakit.com.

Codemakit Website Research - A division which took up the job of analyzing data from websites and presenting them in an understandable form. The articles usually redefine or strengthen existing concepts based on its research findings.

chalk dudes
Chalk Dudes - A picture blog containing web design comics. The characters in Chalk Dudes were shaped out of classroom chalk and painted with poster colors.

Need to Talk?
You can connect with Mohit or codemakit at its Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Page or through mail at codemakit.research ( at ) gmail.com. To remain updated with the latest articles of codemakit, you can subscribe through the "Subscribe via Email" button or check out the codemakit feeds.