Codemakit Website Research

Codemakit research division was created for a single reason, to analyze the data from websites and their usage and make the results available to other budding bloggers and web enthusiasts. 

The research division was created in 2012 and its first post showed what constitutes the hotshots in the top 500 websites on the internet. The articles under this label are different than the conventional article styles by codemakit. 

The style of writing is usually journal like with proper references, graphs and tables. The readers may click on the graphs and the tables to zoom in and see the results carefully.
Such research studies have improved the understanding of the content creators around the world by acquainting them with different concepts of the websphere. The endeavor has also helped simplifying things for the users by creating new concepts and suggesting techniques for improvements.

The most popular articles by codemakit research division are given below.

How many External links should I have to get into top 500?

The article has clearly analyzed data on the top Five hundred websites in the world. It answers some of the very basic questions like why are external links important. And how many external links should one have, in their website to reach the standards of top 500? Read More...

Types of Blogging Layouts

A complete analysis of different types of blogging layouts; Each and every layout has some advantages and disadvantages. The article clearly explains the psychological aspects of blogging layouts adopted by leading websites. It explains the writing and layout styles of the tech specialist Amit Agrawal from LabnolCodemakit’s own way and the ways of SiteProNews, WebProNews and Technorati Read More..

How many Internal links should I have to get into top 500?

A very concise analysis based on thorough research to help you know how many internal links should you have to reach the level of top 500? It is not as difficult as you think it to be; instead it might be easier than you anticipated. Read more to find out how many do you need. Read More..

Five Types of about us pages for Web Developers

The article presents a thorough analysis on the five main types of about us/me pages for web design blogs.  Several about pages were researched and the following were the categories, ‘The Large company type’, ‘The funny man type’, ‘Veterans’, ‘Minimalists’ and the ‘Timeliners’. Read and find out which category you fall in. Read More..

Load Time Analysis for SEO websites

There was a study conducted on 100 SEO based websites. The article contains all the results and the conclusions of the study. The page also highlights the need of having a lower loading time for any website. Read More..

What PageRank Should you have to reach the top 500?

A perfect page rank is one of the most important things, a webmaster looks for in his creation. But what if you get something other than a good page rank? What if you could get a chance to enter the top 500 websites of all time? There are only three main things you need to have before your website can enter the Top 500 website clan; First. Read More..

What happens when you do not post for a week?

Ever wondered what happens when you do not blog for quite some time? When does your blog die, if you do not post anything? This article might go a long way solving your doubts. The following are the findings on an experiment. Read More..

Geomatic Changes in blog Audience after Google Algorithm changes.

Ever wondered what changes occur in a website due to an algorithm modification by Google? Presented here is a study regarding the changes in the source of blog audience for a blog. The following is the changes in a blogger blog. Read More..

Why Online Forms : A study

People often need to create forms for personal as well as professional purposes, with a plethora of options available, even you would ask, where should I go. I could recommend some really good ones right now to make your work seem easier, but would you believe me? Hence, Codemakit Website Research (CWR) presents you a study on the different Online Form Creation Websites to bring you the best and the easiest, and ofcourse free :-) Read The Part I of Why Online Forms and The Part II of Why Online Forms.

Do pages with Questions as Title receive more clicks?

There was an unsaid rule which preaches that "If you use a question as a title on your website/blog, You will receive more response", which might be in the form of likes, shares or just clicks. Now to check this rule, codemakit Website research used really simple yet powerful method. One look at the graph and everthing will be clear. Read Part I of Do pages with Questions as Title receive more clicks? If you've read it and want to go into more detail, you can reach out to The Part II of Do pages with Questions as Title receive more clicks?

Which Font Colors are the Best?

Colors are said to alter moods, thinking and behavior. So what happens if you change colors at your website? Which color do you think will alter moods and behavior to your advantage? The study is based on the use of font colors by several websites. You'll see an actual colored pie chart which will help you find the best colors for your website type.

Which Font Type is the Best?

The Font Type is one of the first things observed by a visitor on a website. Hence it is one of the most important things a designer must take into account for a website. The study is based on the use of font Types by several websites. Here you'll find colorful bar charts to help you determine for yourself which font type is the best.

Which Font Size is the Best?

Is 12 px a viable size or 14 px or 16 px or is it all too large? Should I use just 10 px instead? Find answers to all questions with this study. The study is based on the use of different Font sizes by several websites.

When and How does my Blog Die?

Often you question the ways of designers. You ask yourselves what happens when I stop posting at my blog? What happens when a blog dies?
You will be surprised at the amount of detail and data, that can be found from a dying blog. Here are the different parts of the research.

What happens to Page Views when my blog dies?