Part A : Article

A01 - Supporting Documents Containing raw Data and Tables for "8 Best Online Form Creation Websites"

A02 - Email Thread for "The Dangers of Trading an Article for a service"


A03 - 9 Types of Email Phishing Scams, The Official Report 

 A04 - 9 Types of Email Phishing Scams, The Funny Report

Part B : Copyright

B01 - Codemakit Copyright Document

B02 - Copyright Transfer Policy for Email Interviews

Part C : Research

C01 - The CWR Rating System, Depicting how codemakit rates websites and how is the index made.

C02 - Datasets for Codemakit Research Article, "Do Pages with Questions as Title Receive more Page-views? Part 1" and  "Part 2"

C03 - Study Paper on The Optimum number of images for a website type