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May 16, 2014

The Digital Face of India' s Elections

The Digital Face of India's General Elections
How was India's General Elections affected by Facebook and Twitter. Can social media be effective enough to reach the one Billion mark? Find out everything about the Digital Face of India's General Elections through this comprehensive report.

India has long poised to be a super power. Change, in a country of elephantine (over 1.3 Billion or 130 Crores) is difficult unless it is aided by external agencies. 

With the influx of social media in the general population of India, It is hardly a coincidence that Digital media played an important role in the General Elections.

Just because of Elections, Hundreds of Firms started, Thousands of “Popular at the moment” Websites (This article is one of them) were created and millions of pages on election proceedings were created to capitalize on the awareness about the politicos. Numerous social media accounts were created, from twitter to Facebook to even Pinterest, Spam flowed like Water, Search Engine Optimization specialists were hired, Some even had a personal digital/IT team. In short, the political leaders never left a stone unturned to connect with general public. It is worthy to note that surprisingly Electronic media wasn't in much use in the last General elections sans some occasional Website advertisements by websites monetizing their content.

Last Elections : The Dawn of Digitization

Until 2009 Shashi Tharoor was one of the handful of Indian Politicians who had a twitter account and could manage to garner 6,000 Followers, a number currently risen to more than 2.1 Million (21 Lakhs). 

With India's top politicos taking advantage of public's new found love for digital networking, We see people like Narendra Modi having 3.9 Million (39 Lakh) twitter followers and Arvind Kejriwal at 1.7 Million (17 Lakh). It seems the one who embraced the digital sphere most effectively, got the spoils. 

Current Elections : The Plunge into Digitization

D S Rawat of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) had once said that political parties spend about 30% of their total budget on advertisements of which near 15% is spent at Social media. 

Google Doodle on India's Election Results Day

If you have a look at Google Trends, a facility for determining the current and historical search trends for any term, You would find that the election commission received nationwide attention (because of one reason or another). 

Twitter, 140 Characters shouted into a Microphone

Twitter actually played an important part in the elections because of its unique feature of certified identities (Similar to Website certification). If you follow @superstarrajinikant or @barackobama, you know that the twitter account in question is actually of the celebrity or politician you want. 

Some thoughts on Digitization of Elections by Narendra Modi

When you receive a tweet from their account, you feel the rush as the words were actually written by them. There is no sure shot way to find that out in Facebook. But then again not all accounts on twitter counts, a study by Twopcharts claimed that "30% of existing Twitter accounts have sent 1-10 tweets and only 13% of the accounts have written at least 100 tweets." 

Google's Labours

Google too had left no stone unturned to capitalize on the situation. Its brand new Google Election Hub received thundering response from Google users in India. With its “Know your Candidates” section, Indian Voters from across the country can find out every little detail about the leaders at their constituency. 

For example you can see all the details about Mr. Narendra Modi in the image given below as stored by Google. The election hub has obviously helped users nationwide with its “Trends Section” depicting information in ever so tasteful manner, through info-graphics and tables and finally the “Hangouts” section quenching your thirst for more detail through videos.

Google Elections Hub : Screenshots

Some things were not directly affected by Google. Some had a more subtle approach. Android games by unaffiliated developers like "Modi Run" or "Kursi Cricket" and some by Officials like the Election Commission App for voting killed two birds with an arrow. First by making voting a pleasurable experience and second by creating awareness or at least piquing curiosity about political parties.

Current Trending Searches on Google

The spike was most pronounced in this year's election as the EC was pelted with a handful of controversies. However out of the four, it was Modi who could capitalize on the elections perfectly and time its digital prowess. Modi Received a Spike during 2013 during his campaigning for a second term in Gujarat elections. He received second spike when his name came up for the post of Prime Minister during General Elections in India and the third one because of the results. 

Rahul Gandhi enjoyed a peak during 2013 but somehow failed to regain that caliber again. Arvind Kejriwal on the other hand was practically nonexistent some months before the Delhi elections but rose quite quickly.

Facebook, The Blue Giant to the rescue

Facebook too started an "I am a voter" feature on their page, where facebook users of legal age would receive reminding them that voting process has started in their constituency. Facebook with a total number of users at 1.23 billion (123 Crores) has a largest market in US with 183 million (18.3 Crore) users. India comes in hard by crossing 100 million (10 Crore) recently. Like Google, the Blue Giant also launched “Election Tracker app” which tracks political candidates and provides real time information to general public.

Top 5 Facebook User Countries

At Facebook the number of likes received by Facebook pages of major Political parties too played an important role in determining the results of the elections, For example BJP received 4.5 Million (45 Lakh) Likes until the end of this monstrous democratic exercise. AAP at 2.1 Million (21 Lakh), Congress at 3.3 million (33 Lakh) etc.

The Future : The something-something of Digitization

In both developing and developed nations, the desktop users for the social Giant is surely increasing but the growth is not as admirable as the ones through mobile network. With the advent of better, smarter and larger Phones and PDAs, the approach towards social medium like Facebook and twitter has never been so wide. Now, one can access the website through ones mobiles (Android, IOS, Firefox OS etc.), through tablets, desktops and even smart Televisions either with an app or a browser. 

With Indian Smartphone users growing from 750 Million (75 Crores) in 2013 to Four Times in 2020 the amount of Facebook/Twitter users through a Smartphone is sure to increase manifold.

The final verdict, social media is soon going to take place of word of mouth communication and slowly but surely, several nations will follow. One cannot pin high hopes for developed nations like US because of their current total population is 317 million and they cannot increase from 183 million any faster. 

However, what one can pin on is that the number of users in Digital India is sure to increase. This is not because we just reached 100 million (10 Crore) Facebook users out of a whooping 1300 Million (130 Crore), but because we have just seen the power of digital media in influencing the world's largest democratic exercise.

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Apr 5, 2013

Image sizes/dimensions for Facebook Pages

Image sizes/dimensions for Facebook Pages front
It is not uncommon to see Facebook page owners bang their head on keyboards after spending hours of productive time just to keep resizing their images so that they fit perfectly on the Facebook page.

Webmasters and social media experts know that these are the things which a Facebook page owner must know to prevent embarrassments. So here are the different image sizes to be used on a Facebook page. 

This will ensure a seamless fit on the page saving hours of head banging and toiling on the page.

Example Facebook Page

Each and every portion is provided with an example image link which has exact dimensions mentioned, saving you time to create one. 

Cover Photo size for Facebook’s Timeline
Height = 315px
Breadth = 851px

Applications Icon size for Facebook’s Timeline
Height = 74px
Breadth = 111px
Example Image with actual dimensions

Favicon size for Facebook Page
Height = 16px
Breadth = 16px

Milestone Image size
Height = 403 pixels
Breadth = 843 pixels
Example Image with actual dimensions

Profile picture image size
Height = 180 pixels
Breadth = 180 pixels
Example Image with actual dimensions

Thumbnail Image Size (picture which comes up during the sharing of URLs)
Height = 90px
Breadth = 90px

Facebook Offer image size
Height = 90px
Breadth = 90px

Image size for slideshow/album
Height = 720px
Breadth = 960px
Example Image with actual dimensions

Facebook Adverts image size
Height = 72px
Breadth = 100px

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Nov 30, 2012

Invite friends to your facebook page in 2 steps

Invite friends to your facebook page in 2 steps FrontThe fact that you have your own facebook page to promote your interest is good, but how to make sure, that all your friends know about it ? You must take advantage of facebook's inbuilt button to invite your friends to visit your page and like it.

Here is a 2 step process to do so.

Step 1 : Find out the facebook page, for which you need to invite your friends.

facebook page

 Step 2 : Find out the invite friends Button and click on it.

invite friends Button

Select the friends you need to invite and submit.

Select the friends you need to invite

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Aug 24, 2012

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses FrontCertain times when web developers get desperate to inform people about their facebook pages or try to popularize them on dark platforms, they (even the professionals) may fall for the traps laid down by misdoers in the form of malwares and viruses. 
Now what should you do, if you notice some suspicious activity going on in your facebook account. Though the what to do part is explained by facebook in a very generic form, Also the general rules for safe browsing on facebook is very well elaborated on its help page. However, this post will specialise and tell you what should you do when you've been hit by a facebook malware.
 On tenth of July 2012, facebook, after listening to various problems from its users, Started an online app to scan your computer for facebook related viruses, As the involvement of third party apps and websites have increased on facebook, The attack of malwares and viruses through this popular social networking website has increased ever since. Now, There are many solutions to the problem. But the most trustworthy is the security scan from facebook.

How you might have been affected

Usually, facebook picks up suspicious activity on your account and tells you beforehand thus preventing unrepairable damage. 

For security reasons your account is locked

But if you find out the problem before facebook, here's what you do.
The common methods of getting a malware on your computer, is either when you're trying to watch a "shocking or breathtaking video" from a friend's status update or by visiting a website or a facebook page said to be giving away special features on Facebook (web owners usually fall for this trap).
If you need an example, recently a website came to popularity when it claimed to remove the facebook timeline feature or in its own words, "undo facebook's stupid timeline" deperated users tried the website and ended up harbouring a malware on their system.
Malwares can be very well avoided using simple techniques like seeing the website's certification or by accessing a general report on the website, Since these methods are scarce on facebook, as all pages are under same domain, including apps.

Facebook provides its users the benefit of doubt by equipping them with strong anti-malware programs like McAfee, Just as Facebook director of communications Barry Schnitt said."If we get people's machines this protection, it is better for them, for Facebook and the internet as a whole,"

After starting the scan, your account will be blocked and will only be restored if the scan and repair procedure is completed.

your account will be blocked

 The webpage will allow you to download the latest scan and repair kit of McAfee Antivirus. All you need to do is allow it to download and then double click on it. Please remember, the software will not show its status on your desktop as a window, but as a tab in your browser. The following images are taken from inside the browser.
 McAfee Antivirus 

Once downloaded and double clicked, you will be presented with a status bar which fills in pretty slow,

McAfee Antivirus
 Rest assured it will take maximum an hour of your precious time.

McAfee Antivirus
Once the scan has been performed and no malwares found, your blocked account will be restored by facebook.

 McAfee Antivirus

Finally it also offers the Facebook users a free six-month subscription to McAfee’s security software and discounts on continued subscriptions.

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Aug 21, 2012

How to remove your facebook account?

How to remove your facebook account?
There are tough times when one has to delete his or her facebook account. When times are dark and choices are slim. So if you have made up your mind to delete your facebook account, here is a simple 3 step process.

Step I : Go to your account settings

Step II : Now to Download a copy of your facebook data, You need to click on the link at the bottom, Facebook too recommends this to avoid problems if you change your mind afterwards.

Step III : Got to security settings and click on Deactivate account link situated at the bottom of the active page.

 Remove your facebook account steps

Now that your account has been deactivated, 
You can either rest back into peace or start cursing this article for persuading and

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How to remove your facebook account? MohitChar

Jul 12, 2012

Embed your social posts, Separately

Embed your social posts, Separately Front
Social Ditto, just as the name suggests, basically copies your post hosted on a social networking site and provides you the ability top host it anywhere you like, even in a blogger post.

The application allows its user to select a post, and get an embed code for the particular post, giving them mobility.  The website also provides the developers, a preview of what would the post look like once it is embedded.

The following post has been taken from codemakit Facebook, and through the embed code, it has been embedded bellow.

For Example : 

The 92nd post on codemakit blogs.

The procedure is simple enough, You just have to copy the link from the post and then paste it in the space given on the website. Click on ditto and you'll have the embed code in your hands.

Here are the different steps required for different Social Networks.


  • See the message closely, you will find an 'expand' button on the left hand side of the post at the bottom.
  • Right click and select "Copy Link Location"


  • Select the photo, video, or status update you want to share via ditto
  • Now Right click on the time of the post, given at the upper part of post
  • Now Select "Copy Link Location"
  • Another method can be the one given by facebook developers


  • Select the photo, video, or text you want to share via ditto
  • Now Right click on the time of the post, (Please understand that the time may begiven in the form of letters, as in 'Today' also)
  • Now Select "Copy Link Location"
An example for Twitter Users

Embed your Twitter posts

 The preview looked like this, along with the embed code at the bottom of the page.

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, Embed your social posts, Separately MohitChar

Jul 7, 2012

Share your Facebook page with your Friends

Share your Facebook page with your Friends Front
Now that you've created a Facebook page for your business or community, you need to tell your close ones about your page, asking them to like your page, so that they can see your page posts on their feeds on homepage. This can be done by just sharing your page or inviting them to visit your page.

The following post will tell you how to share your much treasured Facebook page, with all your friends and relatives.

Facebook page management is now much easier in comparison to the previous versions, where page owners had to drive through a  plethora of links and pages just to land on his/her desired page.

Let us take this page for example, If you're the author, then you'll probably see a menu containing several button on the top right corner of your page.

Share your Facebook page with your Friends

Click the 'Build Audience' tab and click on 'Share page' button.

Share your Facebook page

You'll be presented with a list of your friends, who have liked or not liked your page,
the people who've liked will be visibly highlighted. Now you just have to click on the highlighted ones.

Share your Facebook page

Click on submit and invitations will be sent to your selected friends to visit and like your page by Facebook servers.

This is How you
Share your Facebook page MohitCHar

Jun 2, 2012

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog
Allfacebook the unofficial facebook blog, or popularly known as the second facebook blog. keeps track of and publishes news, events and reports on the leading social networking site. The site is basically a subsidiary of WebMediaBrands Corp Now known as Mediabistro (listed in NASDAQ). 

The developers and designers have very cleverly designed the website to look acutely similar to the Social networking Giant.  Take a look.

WebMediaBrands Corp is a U.S.-based corporation which was established in 1971 and headquartered in New York. The company  is a leading Internet media company that provides content, education, and career services to media and creative professionals.

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog

Its CEO, Alan M. Meckler started his original publishing business called Microform Review, Inc. in Weston, Connecticut. Alan M. Meckler is Chairman and CEO and a member of the board. Outside directors are: John R. Patrick, Gilbert Bach, Wayne Martino, Michael Davies, William Shutzer, and Justin Smith.

In short the website Allfacebook has all the characteristics of a professional web blog and will continue to help bloggers all over the world for content and Ideas.

Allfacebook - The Unofficial facebook blog MohitChar

May 22, 2012

Create your Username on facebook

Create your Username on facebook FrontHere is a set of How to steps for creating or changing your username on facebook. Once your username has been set, your facebook ligin would be much easier, why? Cause you don't have to add your complete email address in the login, you just need to enter your username and password.
No more adding @emailserviceprovider at the end of your username.

Now there are several perks in setting out a username on facebook, Here are a few.

Once set,
1. You get a dedicated space on facebook.

2. You get a facebook email

But, You must remember the following points

1. Friends will be able to see your new email address on your timeline
2. Your username can only be changed once and should include your real name.

Here are the steps.

Login and Go to your Home page.
Create your Username on facebook ScreenShot

 Click on the little down arrow on the top right corner of the browser. A drop down list would appear.
Click on account settings

Create your Username on facebook ScreenShot

Click on the edit button at the right hand corner, against the username line.

Create your Username on facebook ScreenShot

Now if you are a verified user, you will see this screen, Just enter the username desired.

And its done, Now you can
Create your Username on facebook MohitChar