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Jan 1, 2013

Analyse your competitors and internal links

Analyse your competitors and internal links Front
 A website is only popular as its incomming links or backlinks. So when you have quite many backlinks, rest assured your website or blog will be good. But how do find out the quality of your links.

The open site Explorer from SEOmoz is a good tool for it. SEOmoz aims at developing SEO software and provides API and hosts even.

It is based in Seatle as consultants but now creates softwares.

The site Explorer contains all the tools you might need to analyse your website and compare it with your competitors. There was a comparable website analysis tool which existed free a few years ago known as Webceo.

The software has a tool for finding the inbound links, Top pages, Linking Domains etc.
You will find your domain authority and SEOmoz ranks too. SEOmoz ranks are also important in estimating the pagerank of websites.

Site Explorer

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Analyse your competitors and internal links MohitChar

Dec 27, 2012

When was my blog started?

When was my blog started Front
Its been a while, since you've started blogging, Now out of the blue you need to find out when did you start blogging. The need might arise out of any reason, might be because you needed to impress your friend, or you're filling an online form for your blog and you need to know the start date of your blog.

now there are three types of date, when you talk about date of blog.

1. The date of publication – The date when you published your page on your respective blogging platform.
2. The date of Discovery – The date when search engine bots find out your blog or its posts. Now this date changes from one search engine to another.
3. The date of Cache – This is the most recent date when your blog or blog post was crawled by a search engine bot.
Now, here are the methods.

Method 1:

Now, there are two ways by which you can find out the start date of your blog, One is the normal URL method, Here just find out the URL of the first post of your blog and you will find the date below the URL in green.
Method 1:

Method 2:

You can also, add the Google operator "inurl: " (use the operator without the quotes) before the URL of the post and you will find the oldest date possible, i.e. the date when a third party found your website.

Method 2:

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Nov 29, 2012

How easy is my website's navigation?

How easy is my website's navigation? Front
You've created a splendid website, with huge bucket loads of features and function, but are all its functionalities accessible to your users. Are all your buttons working? Have you put alt.text in all your images? Are there problematic hyperlinks in your website that you're unaware of? 

Or for even smaller mistakes like Are there empty header tags in your HTML code? Such small mistakes must not be over looked, as they make you look good on the bot diary, which finally makes you look good on the books of giant search engines like Google or Bing. Correcting such small mistakes would also lead to an improvement in your page rank, Alexa Rank, ASR ranks etc. Long story short, It will give you higher Visitors and more money for monetized developers.

The following are the most common errors.

Website navigation sample

WebAIM Started in 1999 is a non-profit organization within the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. The people there have come up with an excellent Idea of pointing out a website's Mistakes, Though the feat might not look much, but it is a golden oppotunity for web Developers who have not got enough time to check their code, regularly for mishaps,

WAVE 4.0 Development Team consists of Aaron Andersen, Jared Smith, Diogenes Hernandez as the project heads.

WAVE offers four types of reports:

  1. Errors, Features, and Alerts
  2. Structure/Order View
  3. Text-only View
  4. Outline View
The WAVE online tool, helps analyse the website on the basis of small mistakes in coding and accessibility, The tool Displays your website in their own window and mark the areas found to be faulty.

website's navigation

On preliminary Examination, I found out that my blog has huge number of accessibility problems, But It is natural for such big a site and necessary corrections would be done in the near future.

website's navigation Screenshot

After analysing your website, If you need to looks upon the Legend to find out what do the errors mean,

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Nov 13, 2012

How many visitors can my site handle?

How many visitors can my site handle Front
How many visitors can your website/blog handle without being impractically slow? What is the maximum visitor load capacity?
Load Impact is an online visitor load testing service which tests your website’s performance when it is subjected to increased visitor loads. The website is exceedingly simple and the report is extremely informational. The about page claims of over 40,000 load tests until now.
Few years ago, a fast website was a luxury, but now it has become a necessity. You may ask, since when? Since 2010 when Google introduced the concept of page load time in its algorithm. Users when entering a slow website would think twice before clicking on any link.
This applies to all your own potential links the user might visit and potential advertisement links which might bring you revenue. So, in  a nutshell, a slow website leads to cautious visitor and a cautious visitor leads to decreased online surfing on your website, finally leading to lower revenues.
Load test your website online
From another perspective, after teh load testing has been done, you would find a spike in your visitor readings in your blog or website, but don't be too happy, as they are all inorganic visitors.
Load time analysis spike

Reading and understanding the Site report.

At the top of the page, you will find your URL being displayed. You will also see another public address (that is where your report has been generated). Now you may share the public link with your friends and colleagues. There will be a status bar, giving you the progress of the test being performed. At the top left you would find “Load Zone Data source” which will allow you to select the location of source of the load being generated on your website. 

The information is very well depicted in the form of a geographical map (Google Maps). In the maps, the arrow spot tells you the location of target of the loading and the bulb like option shows the location of the source of the load. Now the thicker the line joining the points, higher is the traffic density or the loading.

traffic density or the loading.

traffic density Screenshot

traffic density Screenshot

Now comes the charts, on the y-axis we have the number of visitor loading applied and the time duration of the response of the website and the x-axis gives the duration of website. if you see it carefully in the following screenshot of a chart, you will observe that, as the number of visitors are increased on the website, the time taken by the website to respond too increases. 

Now the visitor load is applied gradually, so comes the inclined line.  Now you may click on the button above the chart to change the metrics, and see the results in a different light altogether. Using the information, your Search Engine Optimization techniques can be tuned to perfection.

How many visitors can my site handle Graph

The lower table gives a list of resources and URLs accessed from your site, How many requests were made and the how many number of URLs gave negative response. Also the table will show how many resources (like scripts and images) on your website loaded within the stipulated time frame in which your website was tested.

How many visitors can my site handle List

Finally the pie chart will show, through percentage distribution, the time required for different resources to be loaded.

percentage distribution

This would answer your question,
How many visitors can my site handle MohitChar

Nov 11, 2012

Merge Several URLs into one

Merge Several URLs into one Front
Imagine a situation when you're sitting next to a computer, you want to share a number of websites to your friends, so you've got two ways, either collect the URLs and paste them at a single place, however, the method would pose problems when you try to squeeze them together in a tiny 140 character limit for twitter. Now use of URL shorteners (like is also possible but with limitations.

Other method is when you share the URL individually on your microblogging site. But even you know, that its tedious and time consuming. Now that leaves you open to hear out the solution given bellow.

The website, BridgeURL combines the different URLs given by the user and displays them at a single webpage, with a url given to you at Bridge URL.

The website is simple as it is and highly functional. You job is to collect the URLs you need to share and paste them in the space provided, give a name to your list and just click create link.

Bridge URL
You'll recieve a message that your bridge has been created and you'll be presented with two different working URLs.

If you need to find out how you new URL looks like, then copy and visit it.
You'll be presented with a list of your links all at one page.

Bridge URL

The website metaphorically creates a bridge between your selected links and its created one.

Bridge URL

Here is a Video depicting its usage

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Merge Several URLs into one MohitChar

Nov 7, 2012

Make your own website Logo easily

Make your own website Logo easily Front
When you're in need for a free image, with least licence restrictions, you try for a website which is the easiest to operate, the search is never ending. Until, you stumble upon a website like LogoTypeMaker.

When you have many articles to write and you need something to freshen up the articles, You would try and find out services, that would help you in the process. The image would also look good independently on your website or blog.

So how do you make a good logo for your website, that speaks out about your website in a single jpeg. Here is a 3 step process.

The website is professionally prepared, sprinkled with quality CSS and XHTML, with clear and concise well defined functions and buttons. Go to Label Type Maker,

Name your creationSTEP 1 : Name your creation

First step is to input a text for the logo, you're preparing. The text will be shown with the logo in the subsequent steps.

STEP 2 : Choose your Logo

STEP 2 : Choose your Logo

Now, you have to choose the logo, you want to work with. But free lancers, please keep in mind, choose a free logo, to avoid coming back again from the later stages.

STEP 3 : Personalize and Symbolize 

STEP 3 : Personalize and Symbolize
Once you've selected a logo, you'll be presented with choices, to change background color, text size, text shape, etc.

Now its on you, to make it as personalized and unique as you can.

Now, click on the "Download this Logo" button, which will take you to the size selection option.

Here is a YouTube Video Depicting its use.

Like Every design website, There are licence requirements, Which you will admit is nothing to hold.
The following are the licence requirements
  1. The licence type is a site type
  2. Also by downloading any of the Logos you would have to agree to hold the website harmless for any damage that may occur when you use it.
  3. Also, all the logos created through the website are a property of the website itself
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Oct 20, 2012

Copy and paste characters, that are not in your computer

Copy and paste characters, that are not in your computer Front
Many people, sometimes encounter problems when typing and do not find a character for their writings,

This is especially the case with mathematicians and erudite scholars during research.

Though there are alternatives, like adobe fonts and so forth, but you cannot expect yourselves to be blessed with such software on every machine you sit on, So you'll need something more mobile, something that you can rely on.

Here's your solution, The website copypaste Characters is one of the most useful solution to such problems.

It is basically an internet application for copying and pasting characters that does not comes with the computer’s typefaces, to be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums etc.

Copy and paste characters

The website also allows you to create your own set of characters, Though you will have to sign-up with the website which is not a herculean task altogether.

Copy and paste characters

According to the about page of the website, Copy Paste Character was developed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Konst; Teknik; Martin.

Here is a simple Flowchart about, how to operate the website.

Copy and paste characters 5 Steps

Here is a video depicting the website,

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Sep 30, 2012

Check your Website for Mobile Compatibility Part 1

Ever wanted to test your website for mobile applications? Ever wanted your own opinion to know about, how your website looks on a mobile device ? GoMo is one of the best services available to you if your want to determine the mobile compatibility of your website in just a few seconds. According to the site about 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site. 

You would surely not want to trampled upon by other web developers to stamp on you and progress further, just because you don't have a mobile compatible website.

The developers at the website have developed a tool known as GoMometer, which performs the function of analyzing. During the analysis, you will also find small snippets of information about mobile websites and their optimization.

Gomometer screenshot

The website shows you, your own website on a preview and asks you about the experience.

Gomometer screenshot 2

Finally, you are presented with the site results both in html and pdf format.

Gomometer screenshot for site results

According to Google, 66% of users find mobile sites through search engines, but if they don not like their experience, 79% will go back to search and look elsewhere. About 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for researching prices, 79% prefer mobile sites for product reviews and 63% prefer them for purchasing.

So now you have enough reasons to getup and do some thing about your video.

Here is a video depicting the website and how to find mobile web compatibility of your website.
As expected the website is of top notch quality and highly informative.

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Gomometer screenshot for site results mohitchar

Sep 19, 2012

Create an Image Mosaic

Create an Image Mosaic Front
Once and for all, A time comes in a web enthusiast's life, when there is a lack of good quality and original images or design in his/her creations. 

Word mosaic have been around in the world for a long time,  but its online presence is new and un-explored. For such feats, imagechef was created in 2003. 

Imagechef, was Incorporated in 2003 to create a new genre of imaging products for the consumer market. Just like the trend goes, ImageChef too has been customized for the mobile users. The technology is simple enough to use and using it one can create simple as well as complex shapes.

The Website has several other functions, one can use as per creativity, like :

  • Animations,Photo Frames,Friendship,Fun
  • Buttons,Faith,Fun Notes,Patterns,Bling
  • Characters,Flags,Signs
  • Music,Sports,Zodiac,Other

So, the tools are in your hands, depends on how you use it.

Here is a video depicting its use.

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Create an Image Mosaic Front

Sep 17, 2012

Web Globe, A Google Chrome Experiment

Web Globe, A Google Chrome Experiment Front
Web globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization. i.e.

You can take some data and plot it on world scale in the form of vertical bars depicting the magnitude of the values. The globe is a part of chrome experiment.

The code is specially useful for scientists and researchers relying on geographical data in the form of latitudes and longitudes.

So, you can view it at the following link on your chrome browser.

Here are the various results, created through different geographical values.
Its features include :
  1. Latitude / longitude data bars
  2. Different colours depicting change in paramenters
  3. Zoom using mouse wheel

Several Other Projects are under work at chrome experiments including :
  • Global Internet Application Throttling : Tony Blank
  • URL Shortener Traffic : Shreyas Karnik
  • Twitter Emotion Globe : Makis Tracend
  • Hello World : Scott Frankel
  • ShopSavvy Scans : ShopSavvy
  • Twitter Korean Index : DongWoo Lee
  • Latest Earthquakes, with Auto-Updating : Gustavo Tandeciarz
  • Global Incomes : Osvaldo Mena
  • Spanish Election Results (May 2011) : javisantana
  • Emotional States of Aging Bloggers : Scott Murray
  • Distribution of T-Coffee Web Server Users : Paolo Di Tommaso
  • Google Technology User Groups: Meeting Locations : Luis Montes

The process of using it is not that difficult.
The data is entered in the following form.

var data = [
    'seriesA', [ latitude, longitude, magnitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, ... ]
    'seriesB', [ latitude, longitude, magnitude, latitude, longitude, magnitude, ... ]

The following code uses the data put in the above way, and converts it into an animated globe.
The code is also given at

// Where to put the globe?
var container = document.getElementById( 'container' );

// Make the globe
var globe = new DAT.Globe( container );

// We're going to ask a file for the JSON data.
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

// Where do we get the data? 'GET', 'myjson.json', true );

// What do we do when we have it?
xhr.onreadystatechange = function() {

  // If we've received the data
  if ( xhr.readyState === 4 && xhr.status === 200 ) {

      // Parse the JSON
      var data = JSON.parse( xhr.responseText );

      // Tell the globe about your JSON data
      for ( i = 0; i < data.length; i++ ) {
        globe.addData( data[i][1], 'magnitude', data[i][0] );

      // Create the geometry
      // Begin animation
// Begin request
xhr.send( null );

The Web Globe is depicted very clearly through this video.

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Web Globe, A Google Chrome Experiment MohitChar