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Oct 25, 2011

Need Stylish RSS boxes ? Get one easily at PostRank.

Ever wondered how websites freely use widget boxes containing RSS feeds from their blogs. And you these boxes brimming up with posts. The easiest way will be shown here for your own website. Though, No Doubt, this is the easiest way, but it is not the most advanced way. In the advanced way, you can change text and objects  right upto the tiniest details.

For the job we'll use post rank widget box creator

Available at
Use the PostRank Top Posts Widget on your blog or to your website to showcase your archive and increase reader engagement to your best posts. It is easier than ever to customize, and install. Install it on any Wordpress or Blogger page or customize it for any site.

First step is to go to customize widget button

Now you'll see a page with different steps
Type your Blog address here.

On entering your blog address, a quick preview will appear on the right hand side of the page depicting the box which would look like after its completed.The colourful boxes at the left of the preview gives the ranking of the pages and thus assisting users in choosing the right page with the best content.
The second and third steps need no explanation.

After this you just have to copy the code appearing at the bottom of the page and paste it to your websites or blogs.

Or you can Always use other options.

A more advanced RSS Box, with huge number of changes possible, will be discussed later

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Sep 10, 2011

AddThis, A neat and compact service

AddThis is a quite popular service amongst webmasters, a free, clean, compact, and attractive button collection, which you may include in your website with a simple method of copy and paste of html code.

AddThis is the world's largest content sharing and social insights platform:
Easy-to-use tools help users to share your content and drive viral traffic
In-depth analytics provide insight into your audience and user activity
Powerful APIs let you create your own UI, access analytics, and more

Dynamic Personalization
AddThis shows the right choices to the right user at the right time. As visitors use AddThis across the Web, we’ll instantly personalize their experience with choices most likely to be effective at increasing social referral traffic to your site.

Data-Driven Optimization
AddThis determines optimal user choices by analyzing a massive amount of online sharing activity. Algorithms factor in overall and local popularity, click-back effectiveness rate, language, per-user service affinity, and more.

Most Extensive Options
Offer your visitors choices from the largest, most international directory, including over 300 services and tools. Of course, there's also deep Facebook and Twitter integration

Automatic Translation
Supporting over 70 languages, AddThis makes sharing easy no matter which language your visitors speak. Coupled with service personalization, AddThis presents a fully localized experience to your users.

Among its huge collection of APIs, SDKs, social features, some include

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