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Oct 18, 2012

What to do for Higher Blog Visitors? (Yellow Alert : Second Priority)

What to do for Higher Blog Visitors? (Yellow Alert : Second Priority) Front
You must have tried out all the best possible measures to help you in your blogging spree, but what is you could make it even better? 

Have you tried out the following list of blog marketing and optimization tips ? 

In the previous article the top 5 marketing strategies for your blog has been discussed, which must be attempted before going bellow.

Now we're going to discuss even more, Take a look,

Make your Blog keyword Friendly

The first step towards showing search engines that you're there and you offer quality content is by actually displaying words that speak for themselves. Try to research keywords, justify your strategy and see if your displaying the right set of words on your blog. One thing that has been observed by several bloggers around the world is that you do not get visitors beyond a limit if you adopt a generalization strategy, i.e. by typing the most commonly used words or jargon used in your field, Keep researching keywords and develop a list of them. You may also use website tools and software for this feat like Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, SitePoint, WebSEO, SEOBook Keyword Research.

Make Your Blog Feed Friendly

Feeds are always an important addition to your blogging atmosphere, Feeds, according to wiki is "A web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content.", which, in simple words means another door open for your blog to find new visitors or to keep holding on loyal visitors. First Thing which must be done is to create a Feedburner account and enable feed tracking. Now let your feeds flow in the web by allowing ping functionality to your blogs, such that your posts are automatically updated in the eyes of search engines. Lastly to promote your feeds, you must submit RSS feed and Blog URL to RSS directories.

Make your blog SEO Friendly

SEO stands for search engine optimization (explained earlier), for now you must know that more the links going towards your webpage, higher will be ranked by search engines, So engage in link building campaigns. See your inbound links, traffic, comments and mentions of your blog. The procedure adopted by search engines in determining rank of a website has been explained earlier.

Make your blog... well, just Friendly

Though technically you've done everything to make your blog most palatable to your potential visitors and search engines, but still, One must keep in mind that the final verdict is of your visitors, If visitors like your webpage then they'll have to come and become loyal to you. In this way you'll ensure that your site visitor numbers never drop. It will indirectly help you in gaining sitters(visitors that read, religiously from your article) instead of surfers (Visitors which only reach your site from a search engine and then moves to another webpage when dissatisfied). For this process you must try to optimize your blog template, backgrounds, subscription options for RSS, social network links, breadcrumb links. Change the look of your blog by adding new improved and better looking sophisticated images, Patterns or image mosaics made preferably by a professional image editing software. Experiment with CSS styles, cursor looks etc. Try including your social network in your endeavors by embedding your social network posts or embed meaningful websites. In short change the looks and feel of your page to suit visitor or customer needs.

Once you've performed the above tasks you've nearly completed the check list for the best possible blog marketing.

For More information on SEO tactics and content improvement, try out codemakit's 'The SEO and content Guide' free e-book in pdf.

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Sep 21, 2012

Blogger's Content Policy in a nutshell

Blogger's Content Policy in a nutshell Front
Here is a condensed list on blogger's latest content policy.

While blogging some thing must always have bugged you, 'Am I doing it right?"

So, Here is a complete set of blogger content policies and 10 rules you, as a blogger should not break. However, one thing must be borne in mind, that the policies are subject to change and might include exceptions too. I you still have some doubts, you are free to visit the official website containing detailed explanation.

1. Though Adult content are allowed but the owners must categorize them as 'mature content'.

2. Child safety, examples, child pornography or pedophilia

3. Hate speech or something that promotes hate or violence based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability etc.

4. Crude or rash content - shocking or graphic

5. Violence. e.g. death threats

6. Copyright.e.g. blog containing links sending users to illegal download websites.

7. Impersonation of someone

8. Illegal activities or promotion of illegal activities

9. Spam blogs

10. Malware and viruses

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Aug 25, 2012

Create your own Online Newspaper in Minutes

Create your own Online Newspaper in Minutes Front
Web enthusiasts are ever looking to publicise their creations on the web, Honestly, the higher number of pages owned by you and better the networking between them, search engines will rank you better than your competitors. Here is one way for it, start an online newspaper. But, problems do exist. Usually online newspapers have scores of people working on storeis and articles, Also, there' all professionals and you're not even a writer. '' has started a web service which allows user to basically rob the prevailing online newspapers of their article and puts forward a newspaper with your creation's name on it.

Though technically, robbing would mean taking someone's content so that they cannot host, but since this is not happening so the 'do it right' people can relax.
The first step starts with going to the website,

Create a newspaper

Once you've authorized through some way, either facebook or twitter,
You'll be redirected to find content for your paper.

Online Newspaper

Find out users or websites with twitter accounts, sharing the same interest with you. Please remember to include your website's twitter page with them.

Online Newspaper

Once you're happy with you're selections, you can publish it on the web.

codemakit Weekly

You're page once published will look like this.

codemakit weekly

You can even change the settings to personalize your newspaper.
The team behind strongly believe that publishing is strictly individual business.
In there own words, "We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in. We’re here to help!"

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Jul 11, 2012

Professional networks for small online business

Professional networks for small online business Front
For monetized web developers and small businesses it is always better to be connected via a social media. 
For once it is also good to publicise your feeds. By publicizing your feeds, you will be taking one extra step to ensure that large search engines like google, yahoo etc, give you higher ranking in their listings. Also, may even gather more audience using this way.

For this purpose, a website known as has taken the initiative to bring closer small businesses together, an opportunity which must be tried. Ogoing is founded by Sanjay Dalal , serial entrepreneur & innovator, silicon valley veteran, business coach and community leader. After a small sign-up Procedure, you're ready to go. You can even link your Facebook or Twitter account, such that, your updates are directly featured.

Professional networks for small online business ScreenShot

According to the website, 'Small businesses can instantly promote their products, share their latest deals and services, post their news and events, and make new connections with customers.'

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Jun 16, 2012

Create a nokia application for your Blog

Create a nokia application for your website or Blog Front
Though android applications are fast and ever increasing in the market, lets not forget, the applications for symbian phones are still the greatest. To bag the opportunity, web developers around the world use apps to build loyalty for their app and increase unique visitors, to their website.

With Nokia’s Ovi Store app builder, a person with zero programming skills can also build an app in minutes. All they need is a website or a blog with an RSS feed. There’s no fees involved and your app created can be published and downloaded on almost all Nokia devices.

The Nokia app builder lets you build your own app in minutes just like the landing page says.

Create a nokia application for your Blog 

Here is a 5 - Step process of Creating a Nokia app for your blog or website.

Step 1 : Enter your blog or website address.

You will be blessed with a preview just then on the right hand side of the screen, as the app builder picks up your RSS feed.

Nokia application for your Blog Step1

Step 2 : You will then be asked for design settings, including your app icon, small banner, color combinations etc.

 Step 3 : You will need to give some information on your website or blog, your app and its creator.

 Nokia application for your Blog Step 3

Step 4 : Finally, Nokia OVI app builder will ask your credentials, and personal information, which will be stored as the developer information. without this information provided, the app will not go online.

Step 5 : The website finally asks your formal permission to submit the app, you've just created.

Nokia application for your Blog screenShot

Finally After a few days wait, Your app will be published and It will look like this.

The app is now published at nokia store, Codemakit

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Jun 13, 2012

Convert Blog into mobile Blog

Convert Blog into mobile Blog FrontBlogs are one of the most interesting ways for people to express themselves, to share knowledge, and to show off skill for some. But with the advent of mobile technology, One cannot undermine the potential growth of a blog in the mobile world. So, One must also know how to convert a live working blog to a parallel mobile one. According to wikipedia 'Mobile blogging (moblogging) is a method of publishing to a website or blog from a mobile phone or other handheld device. A moblog helps habitual bloggers to post write-ups directly from their phones even when on the move.'

Here are some facts from hubspot which might change your stance on growth of your blog on mobile. There are 6.8 Billion people on the planet and 4 Billion of them use a mobile phone. Also 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action on a page and about 5 lead to purchase. 81% of smartphone users have done product research through mobile. about 30 million people watch T.V. through their mobile. 73% of people use mobile web to buy things rather than apps.

There are several advantages of mobile blogs
1.The user browsing your blog, does not have to wait for your blog to load as, a mobile site takes up just a few kilobytes.
2.The User does not have to scroll from one place to another, jut to find the right button.
3. Due to the above two reasons, more hits, more popularity, better ranks.
Here are some of the steps required, First go to your dashboard.
Go to the required blog and click on the templates tab.

Mobile Blogger ScreenShot 

Now you just have to click on the options button bellow the mobile preview, 
so that you can customize and start your mobile blog.

Mobile Blogger ScreenShot 
 Choose your mobile template and click yes above to 
Show mobile template on mobile devices.
Click on save.

 Mobile Blogger ScreenShot 

Just to prove the point, here are examples of how the site would look on a mobile device (albeit an old one).
The site is

Mobile Blogger ScreenShot actual Photo

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Dec 17, 2011

Email subscription by Feedburner

Email subscription by FeedburnerFeedBurner is a RSS feed management provider launched in 2004. On June 3, 2007, FeedBurner was acquired by Google. A month later, MyBrand and TotalStats were made free to all users. On August 15, 2008, Google completed migration of FeedBurner into its group of services. 

Publishers who have completed migration will access FeedBurner via (Through a redirection)
Now the question comes how can you create an email subscription box on your site, such that end users canenter their email address and recieve updates from your site to their inbox ?

Assuming you have a feedburner account. Go to publicize menu from your dash board.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot

Now click on the email subscription link at the left of the page. Now you will have to allow for email subscription, ( i.e. activate) and you will be presented several Delivery time options.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot

Then you will be presented the subscription management option. Here you may choose the language of your post delivery.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot 

Finally an option for personalisation in your emails.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot

Finally you will be given the code.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot 

You will also have a preview of how the post would look like in someones, Inbox.

Email subscription by Feedburner ScreenShot 

Thats it. you're done.

Dec 16, 2011

How to get feeds of websites to your email in just 5 seconds?

How to get feeds of websites to your email in just 5 secondsfront
For the purpose you can use a bookmarklet, i.e. of
Feed My Inbox is a Brightwurks idea.

Using The Feed My Inbox bookmarklet pops up a window where you can subscribe to any feed(s) on the page you are browsing. Simply drag the link to your browser bookmarks toolbar to install it.

Here is a detailed video from
explaining the working.

Dec 15, 2011

Why should you Use RSS feeds ?

Why should you Use RSS feeds front
RSS feeds are an integral part of your blog. It is like a newspaper to your stories, 

This is because no one would come back again and again looking for new content at your site. 

Your content must be delivered to servers and to the email addresses of your subscribers.

To know more about RSS read more

Reasons for RSS

Following are the reasons why you must use feeds for your blogs.
  1.  Feeds increase your chances of other websites linking to your content, mentioning your site, and spreading your post on the internet
  2.  It will attract traffic to your site which does not come from the search engines results pages, if you have RSS feeds on your site
  3.  With RSS feeds, you could be able to get your content indexed with search engines much faster.
  4.  Since your content is distributed to all subscribers, there are chances of your content going viral as it spreads from one person to another.
  5.  Having an RSS feed to your site aids in your ranking with search engines.
  6.  RSS is free of spam. Subscribers get what they look for.
  7.  Unsubscribing is also easy. If they do not like information contained in an RSS feed, they can simply remove the RSS feed from their RSS reader or news aggregator in order to unsubscribe. 

Use RSS feeds in Website

Use Google reader - Other than some of people who use a Feed Reader to follow blogs rather than email, Google Reader is the top choice. Use the button on your blogs and glance over your headlines in Google Reader now and again.

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Nov 22, 2011

Converting your site to a mobile site

Since a huge percentage of users access the internet from cell phones and other mobile devices, web developers and designers must develop the necessary skills to accommodate this growing audience.


Mobile websites are generally scaled-down versions of an existing dynamic website. Large graphics, flash elements and banner ads are removed from mobile websites to display only the most important information from the main website.According to "Mobile Web Design Trends for 2009" by Steven Snell, "Because of the lack of space on the screen, it's important for visitors to have access to what is most crucial and as little else as possible."

To eliminate huge graphics and potentially slow loading elements Use the or such sites which have a mobile simulator to view a mobile optimized version of the current website to get an idea of what to eliminate.

But for users that do not have enough time, use automatic converters like Vimeo,

However already has the feature and so does blogger, so all webs and blogger users need not worry.

Here is a complete list of websites you might need to optimize your website and convert it into a mobile website.

Name Type Logo/Image
Google Mobile Optimizer
Mobisite Galore

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