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Jul 14, 2014

Why to hate twitter

Why to hate twitter Front
Most major companies are looking towards social media for gathering potential customers. But there is one exception, Apple, the iconoclast it has always been, has refused to create a twitter account

According to a mashable report as of September 2009, about 76% of Fortune 500 companies had tweeted less than 500 times. Also, half of the fortune 100 companies had followers less than 50%, which essentially means that neither you nor your company needs large twitter following to reach at the top. Though the major reason the above article was written is to show how less number of tweets led to a lesser number of following but I choose to infer something else.

I would love to cite several interviews conducted at codemakit, like Metin's Advice '[For] people coming from twitter, doesn't bring too much revenue on Adsense when compared to search visitors.’ Jacob Gube of SixRevisions (A pagerank 6 Website) says that 'Social media almost runs itself. We'll check it a couple of times a day just to see if we have any messages.'

This simply means that they do not invest much time for direct intervention on social media or trying to engage customers/Readers on their social media pages. To brainwash you one last time, I would quote an interview of Veerle Pieters from where she said 'I never actively promoted my Twitter so that people would follow me.' (I'm sure I'm not quoting her out of context, if I am, hopefully I'll receive a mail tomorrow).

Since, I've introduced a large number of professionals (all of them disagree with active twitter interaction), I shall now begin to explain, why should you hate twitter?

It is tough (I’d rather eat a pizza)

Active interaction at twitter is a painful job. I’m not talking about those potato Bloggers but about the excruciating regime of posting nice and clever posts from your fateful twitter account (and for god knows whom). Filled with the fallacy that if they post something clever or thought provoking, they are bound to engage audience and promote their brand.

The thinking is partially correct, when you post something mindful, you are engaging your audience, but ask yourselves, does it actually contribute to your company or firm? A BIG NOOO.

140 Characters? My name’s larger than that!

Secondly, I personally feel, that a 140 Character limit is just too d**n low! You cannot be expected to engage your audience and hook potential customers with a bunch of letters hurriedly put together because the message exceeded its limit.

Note. A personal Experience
My personal experience would dictate me to write about the problems faced by me while using twitter in conjunction with hootsuite. Hootsuite is a service that essentially helps you post a message to all your social networks at once, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, But the problem I faced was, whenever I try posting a long message to all the social networks at once, The twitter 140 limit somehow crops up and prevents me from sending the message at all. This has actually led many people to distance themselves from Hootsuite. Also, when you add a procedure to forward your facebook posts to twitter, the forwarded post never comes complete and this leads to serious ambiguities.

Word of mouth, faster than the wind

Thirdly, Word of mouth often spreads awesomely fast. Once you see something at twitter and it registers, when you see it often, it fortifies. This is applicable to both positive and negative reviews. You think twitter will be the nicest place where people will comment with nice flowery posts smelling of roses but reality is just a bed of thorns. People often disagree with your services and this leads to negative/Bad reviews. When people see such reviews for sufficient number of times, they become awfully sure that your product is not worth s**t, (I meant salt :-|).

Note. On Word of mouth
I'm sure you wouldn't believe me, have a look at a case study taken up by codemakit research on the perils of starting a popular at the moment blog, where I discussed the cases of web entities which became popular instantly. The only problem occurs when instead of becoming popular, they became instantly unpopular. Take the case of Justin Bieber*, I have no bone to pick with him but when he first started, Social media pounced on him with negative reviews.

Instead of looking at his music, people started looking at his personal life and started judging him. In such cases, social media actually works against the firm/company and blocks many perspective sales. Take Emma Watson* for example, her beauty and acting skills were greatly appreciated by people at social media. Not surprisingly, many of my friends actually went to see her movie just because they had "heard on twitter, she is beautiful". In short it is just a gamble, through twitter you can either increase your sales through the roof or decrease it through your basement.

The Symbols are too @*##ing many!

Fourthly, People are often fed up with too many symbols. Each symbol means something and adds some meaning. The problem with this is, the complete post/series of posts look nothing like people talking but look like people throwing sharp things at each other (Ok here's a #hashtag thrown at your face. Out comes a reply of hot smelling @atsign and kicks you with obnoxious retweets). 

The Symbols are too @*##ing many!

People struggle to grasp the concept and the "omniscient" people at twitter pay no heed to it. Hence it looks something obscure and there goes your aim of connecting with people.

Not enough people to read

Finally, there aren't many twitter users in the world. Take a look at a study by statista Facebook had 1184 million active users, Google+ at 300 Million and Twitter at meager 232 million users followed by Tumblr at 230 million. So, if you still want to promote your company through social media, you are better off with Google+ and Facebook than with twitter.

Now, codemakit would be called as a hypocrite if I do not explain the presence of @codemakit on twitter. I shall stick with my principles that having an account at twitter isn't a blasphemy, but incessant posting of 140 character crap trying to gain visitors/ customers is.
Codemakit seldom posts anything out of the blue and just relies on post forwarding service by an RSS service known as feedburner just to make sure that the bored minds using twitter have something interesting to read.

* The Examples quoted here are my views and is not intended to provoke/hurt anyone. Visitors are requested to read at their own discretion.

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Nov 12, 2013

What is Google Helpout? (Helpouts Explained)

What is Google Helpout? (Helpouts Explained) Front
The greatly rumored and one of the most secret projects of Google is right here. Google Helpouts! A video chat based service that is offered by the users for the users. For what you ask? To help them solve problems and learn new things. Many services are fee and some services are paid, the choice depends on you. 

You can either start a helpout page or view another’s.  Interest towards this new service has already gained momentum. See the data from Google Trends about the interest in the phrase. 

The categories for the helpout are Home & Garden, Computers & Electronics, Health & Counseling, Nutrition & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Art & Music, Cooking, and Education.

What is Google Helpout trend

I still couldn't understand it?

So let me break it down to you. You are an expert in the field of botany, you know flowers and stuff. Now you want to monetize your skill. What would you do? You would create start a Google helpout page ( A platform which would assist you in your online endeavors). 

One a page is created, you would schedule a helpout stating that at (let’s suppose) 4:00PM you would be available online for an online video chat session. Now, its 4:01 PM and you find a person who has a doubt or want to know more about “Rafflesia arnoldii” (It’s a flower of course). You listen to his questions, give your opinions and after half an hour of serious conversation about the flower, the customer leaves satisfied. You billed the customer at 0.5$ per minute and you shut down the computer satisfied with considerable earnings.

Google Helpout Screenshot

How does it help?

The helpouts can help both sides of the economy, the consumers as well as the businesses. Let’s see how.

For Consumers, 

  1. Google Helpout has the potential for helping users learn new skills and attain knowledge without actually having to travel to far off places in search for a bright teacher.
  2. Consumers can troubleshoot their problems, find out answers and learn things easily. It is equivalent to having a coworker or a colleague helping you out in times of distress. 
For Example, with Google help-outs, you might be seen roaming around the house with a laptop/tablet in your hand, getting advice from plumber on which pipes need fixing or the type of drapes which will be suitable with your wall color.

For Corporations,

  1. Suppose you have a computer of ABC brand, it fails and you experience problems, you could either call their technicians and wait for some days or just view the company’s helpout page and do it yourself. It is that easy!
  2. Corporates can increase their reach to more and more consumers.
  3. Helpouts are also fee based, so small businesses can use this service o their advantage, charging some fee for their expertise.

Note. However there is a restriction to age for helpout users. Customers must be 13 years of age or older and Providers must be 18 years or older.

What about my $$ Money?

Payment is done through Google wallet, where providers have the option of getting payment per minute basis or payment per helpout basis. More information can be found out at, Google's Support Pages. Of-course Google will charge some fees for giving you the platform for earning, the current transaction fees is 20%, This fees is not applicable to free helpouts. Also it is on the net amount and does not include taxes. So if you price a helpout at 10$ 2$ will go to Google. Suppose tax levied is 1$, You would finally get 7$.

Google Helpout Screenshot complete

The shortcomings

But there are some problems that I think would keep Google’s Legal team on toes, 
  1. The “100% money back guarantee” is turning many heads. Another potential problem that might occur is the authenticity of the help offered. 
  2. If the assistance you got from the helpout page was wrong or misleading and that led to some monetary or health loss, who would be held responsible?
  3. Helpouts will also suffer with the same disadvantage as YouTube, i.e. low internet speed will render the service useless. Not everybody has a fast internet connection and not everyone can have access to fast internet connection.

More Information

To use any service, you must first understand the terms of service.
Here are the terms of service for consumers, for providers, the content policies are not like yet another blogger content policy, It is a wee bit different. Helpouts have also been launched in android app store.

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Aug 30, 2013

How do you report a person on Twitter

How do you report a person on Twitter Front
Following the footsteps of facebook, pinterest and google+, Twitter too has started its new service known as report abuse. Though the feature of report abuse had already been started in the iOS app, twitter has now officially started the service on the desktop version. 

The move was made by the micro-blogging site after it witnessed a surge of users demanding the option. This came after two journalists India Knight and Laurie Penny received death threats on twitter. Tony wang, the General Manager of Twitter UK, agreed that the threat was “Simply Unacceptable”. 
When you report a person, what happens?
When a person goes on to report a user or a tweet, he/she is greeted by a large fonted message, 

“I am reporting an abusive user.”

The abuse section on the support page deals with three kinds, 
  1. If someone on twitter is posting a person’e private information
  2. If someone on twitter is being abusive
  3. If someone is sending a person violent threats.

TwitterTwitter’s own article against abusive behavior enlists some points which can help users understand the situation better.

The micro-blogging website urges users to first understand twitter and what it does. Next it wants us to consider the context and goes on to explain that the individual tweets can be confusing and it is possible the tweet you consider offensive might be a part of a long conversation. Try to understand the history of your tweets, which people stopped following you suddenly etc.

Also the support page urges users to think before they tweet and if they find someone or something offensive, They are always welcome to block the person and ignore the tweet.

But what should you do when the situation has gone too far?
Twitter recommends you to reach out to the people you trust. Talk to them about the situation and make them understand the gravity of the situation. Certain websites would help,

If you need Step by step process of reporting a person to twitter, You can look at the report by Stop cyber bullying

"This article is dedicated towards bullied innocents who now have something to smile at."

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May 7, 2013

LinkedIn and its 10 year Story

LinkedIn and its Story Front
Believe it or not, LinkedIn just turned ten years old on May 5th, i.e. on Sunday. The networking Giant started in 2003 with an aim of connecting professionals all over the world. Let us have a peek at the insides of this two letter word.

The marketing approach for LinkedIn which includes finding a niche group of consumers and feed off them, is presumably working quite well for them. Lets go beck to its history, Founded in December 2002 by Konstantin Guericke, Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue

LinkedIn has acquired more than 200 million professionals in more than 200 countries. The company filed for an IPO in the start of 2011 and started trading under NYSE.

Even After 10 successful years, LinkedIn still is fighting for its place in the social media. Its competitors include, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, XING etc and the list still grows. 

LinkedIn and its Story ReidRegarding Reid Hoffman, considered as the founder of the social Networking Giant, he grew up in Berkeley and went to high school at the Putney in Vermont.He graduated in Stanford and majored in symbolic systems. It was here when he delved into the human mind and its process of communication. Though he was one of the lucky ones who got a scholarship to Oxford to study philosophy, but he was adamant against academics. 

His First entrepreneurial stint was with Socialnet. In November 1999, he went to work at PayPal where he was a part of external relations. But soon time came when they had to sell PayPal to eBay and when most people thought that it was very bad year for the internet, Reid dreamt of starting LinkedIn in 2002. In 2009, Jeff Weiner joined as the President and just after 2 years the company went public. Reid Hoffman proudly shares his emotions on his blog.

"Inspired by the invaluable role relationships played in our own careers, we launched LinkedIn with the tagline “Relationships matter."

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Apr 5, 2013

Image sizes/dimensions for Facebook Pages

Image sizes/dimensions for Facebook Pages front
It is not uncommon to see Facebook page owners bang their head on keyboards after spending hours of productive time just to keep resizing their images so that they fit perfectly on the Facebook page.

Webmasters and social media experts know that these are the things which a Facebook page owner must know to prevent embarrassments. So here are the different image sizes to be used on a Facebook page. 

This will ensure a seamless fit on the page saving hours of head banging and toiling on the page.

Example Facebook Page

Each and every portion is provided with an example image link which has exact dimensions mentioned, saving you time to create one. 

Cover Photo size for Facebook’s Timeline
Height = 315px
Breadth = 851px

Applications Icon size for Facebook’s Timeline
Height = 74px
Breadth = 111px
Example Image with actual dimensions

Favicon size for Facebook Page
Height = 16px
Breadth = 16px

Milestone Image size
Height = 403 pixels
Breadth = 843 pixels
Example Image with actual dimensions

Profile picture image size
Height = 180 pixels
Breadth = 180 pixels
Example Image with actual dimensions

Thumbnail Image Size (picture which comes up during the sharing of URLs)
Height = 90px
Breadth = 90px

Facebook Offer image size
Height = 90px
Breadth = 90px

Image size for slideshow/album
Height = 720px
Breadth = 960px
Example Image with actual dimensions

Facebook Adverts image size
Height = 72px
Breadth = 100px

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Jan 9, 2013

Add Google+ friends and pages to a blogger post

Add Google+ friends and pages to a blogger post Front
Here's a way of including a person or a page with Google+ account to your blogger posts.

The one thing most blogger's look for is experimentation. It is through experimentation when you find out useful little tricks which help you as well as the others to blog faster and easier.

Here's the way; When you write a post in the blogger dashboard and you come accross a situation when you need to add your friend's name or page to your blog, You just need to type + followed by the name of the friend/page as displayed in his google plus profile.

When you do so, you will be greeted with a dropdown list containing all your friends' names whose name begins with the letters you've just entered. Just select one and you're done. The name will automatically be hyperlinked to the particular person/page's google plus profile/page.

For Example
For person +Richard Branson 
For page +codemakit 

Here's a two step picture to help you understand (click on it to zoom if you want).

Two Step Process

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Nov 30, 2012

Invite friends to your facebook page in 2 steps

Invite friends to your facebook page in 2 steps FrontThe fact that you have your own facebook page to promote your interest is good, but how to make sure, that all your friends know about it ? You must take advantage of facebook's inbuilt button to invite your friends to visit your page and like it.

Here is a 2 step process to do so.

Step 1 : Find out the facebook page, for which you need to invite your friends.

facebook page

 Step 2 : Find out the invite friends Button and click on it.

invite friends Button

Select the friends you need to invite and submit.

Select the friends you need to invite

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Aug 24, 2012

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses

Get your computer scanned for facebook related viruses FrontCertain times when web developers get desperate to inform people about their facebook pages or try to popularize them on dark platforms, they (even the professionals) may fall for the traps laid down by misdoers in the form of malwares and viruses. 
Now what should you do, if you notice some suspicious activity going on in your facebook account. Though the what to do part is explained by facebook in a very generic form, Also the general rules for safe browsing on facebook is very well elaborated on its help page. However, this post will specialise and tell you what should you do when you've been hit by a facebook malware.
 On tenth of July 2012, facebook, after listening to various problems from its users, Started an online app to scan your computer for facebook related viruses, As the involvement of third party apps and websites have increased on facebook, The attack of malwares and viruses through this popular social networking website has increased ever since. Now, There are many solutions to the problem. But the most trustworthy is the security scan from facebook.

How you might have been affected

Usually, facebook picks up suspicious activity on your account and tells you beforehand thus preventing unrepairable damage. 

For security reasons your account is locked

But if you find out the problem before facebook, here's what you do.
The common methods of getting a malware on your computer, is either when you're trying to watch a "shocking or breathtaking video" from a friend's status update or by visiting a website or a facebook page said to be giving away special features on Facebook (web owners usually fall for this trap).
If you need an example, recently a website came to popularity when it claimed to remove the facebook timeline feature or in its own words, "undo facebook's stupid timeline" deperated users tried the website and ended up harbouring a malware on their system.
Malwares can be very well avoided using simple techniques like seeing the website's certification or by accessing a general report on the website, Since these methods are scarce on facebook, as all pages are under same domain, including apps.

Facebook provides its users the benefit of doubt by equipping them with strong anti-malware programs like McAfee, Just as Facebook director of communications Barry Schnitt said."If we get people's machines this protection, it is better for them, for Facebook and the internet as a whole,"

After starting the scan, your account will be blocked and will only be restored if the scan and repair procedure is completed.

your account will be blocked

 The webpage will allow you to download the latest scan and repair kit of McAfee Antivirus. All you need to do is allow it to download and then double click on it. Please remember, the software will not show its status on your desktop as a window, but as a tab in your browser. The following images are taken from inside the browser.
 McAfee Antivirus 

Once downloaded and double clicked, you will be presented with a status bar which fills in pretty slow,

McAfee Antivirus
 Rest assured it will take maximum an hour of your precious time.

McAfee Antivirus
Once the scan has been performed and no malwares found, your blocked account will be restored by facebook.

 McAfee Antivirus

Finally it also offers the Facebook users a free six-month subscription to McAfee’s security software and discounts on continued subscriptions.

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Aug 21, 2012

How to remove your facebook account?

How to remove your facebook account?
There are tough times when one has to delete his or her facebook account. When times are dark and choices are slim. So if you have made up your mind to delete your facebook account, here is a simple 3 step process.

Step I : Go to your account settings

Step II : Now to Download a copy of your facebook data, You need to click on the link at the bottom, Facebook too recommends this to avoid problems if you change your mind afterwards.

Step III : Got to security settings and click on Deactivate account link situated at the bottom of the active page.

 Remove your facebook account steps

Now that your account has been deactivated, 
You can either rest back into peace or start cursing this article for persuading and

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Aug 18, 2012

Increase your Social media Efficiency through Pinterest

Increase your Social media Efficiency through Pinterest Front
Every one having an online presense tries their hand at social media networking too. But how to do it more effectively?

Pinterest one of the few top social networking websites, which uses the same old highly specialized marketing techniques like the others. Twitter had, since its inception, been interested only in the text form of social networking. YouTube (which can narrowly been described as a social network) features, video pod-casts from its users and for its users.

Though the rule is successfully broken by Facebook and Google+, the latter’s can be classified as exceptions to some degree. But, talking of Pinterest, it offers majorly picture based sharing. Though such techniques leave the social networking site to be viewed by people with higher browsing speed, which are not large by the way, but in this industry, it is worse to be a jack of all, than to be a master of one.

Increase your Social media Efficiency through Pinterest ScreenShot

Here are some dos and don’ts for pinterest users, which will surely set the base for a healthier and more popular pinterest page for you.

Try for daily pins at some intervals but not a group at a time.

This Golden Rule applies for every social network existing. The reason being, you cannot expect your fans around the world from different time zones to see your pin on their board just the time you pin it. Let us suppose you pin an item at 7:00 in the morning, do you expect your fans to sit around and wait for your pin. You have to assume they’ll open their pinterest account whenever they feel comfortable, so you’ll have to keep reminding them from your pins that you’re there and still produce fresh and quality content. Also you must have noticed a striking dislike for any page clogging up your social network space with their offers or their content,  Similar thing applies here too, so never push your luck by pinning several things together cause the person sitting on the other side may not share your patience.

Specialize your pins

Everybody in the management sector, knows that a highly specialized product is always looked up with quality and purity. This management strategy applies to pinterest too. Make your pins specialised and narrow the focus to a small space. For example, if you want to talk about gardening, better talk about methods used for better gardening, or on how to make your own kitchen garden, you will see the effects of your strategy paying well. You will be looked upon as an authority over the subject and will receive loyal visitors.

Increase your Social media Efficiency through Pinterest ScreenShot

Find and display content on Pinterest

For most people who are still new to pinterest and its ways, or for rookie bloggers looking for exposure on pinterest, you have one more advantage. You can even find more content from pinterest from leading authorities and then bend it to your liking. Now, remember you are not being asked to copy material and paste it on your board, but you just have to find ideas, remember you’re the authority on your subject, the other person is an authority on another subject, but somewhere your areas of interest will meet. For Example, you have a board on Kitchen Garden, but someone has a board on home-grown tomatoes, what you can do to improvise on the situation is to keep looking for his pins, subscribe to him. You will definitely learn something from his pins and then you’ll gain more trust from your visitors when they see your content. Remember, same will be done to you too.

Video Pinning, Always be open to Experimentation

Though pinterest is more of a picture sharing platform, but you can pin videos too, and as a result, you will add a tinge of uniqueness and freshness to your board as there are not many people who pin videos.

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Jul 25, 2012

How to post at pinterest

Pinterest codemakit logo
Pinterest by cold brew labs is a content sharing service which allows members to "pin" or post videos, text, images and other objects to their pinboard (or wall as per facebook). 

Just like any other social networking service, using pinterest also needs some practice.You can even share your website or blog at pinterest Posting or pinning on pinterest is not tricky or difficult at all. Let us take an example of the codemakit pinterest page.

Here we have a board created beforehand, you can learn how to create boards at the previous post here.

The board is named photos and some description is given, Now all you've got to do is click on the 'Add' button situated at the top of the page. Now you will be greeted by a window which might look like this.

If you have text or photos to be pinned, you may click on the 'Add a pin' option. if you have some picture or a video stored in your computer somewhere, you should click on 'Upload a Pin' option.

After clicking on the option, you'll be presented with a window, where it is expected from you to copy and paste the URL of your picture or video. Add some description and click on 'Pin It' button.

You will now see a preview of the post on your board. You can even embed the pin at your blog or website, by just clicking on the embed button, provided at the right side of your board.

Pinterest embed on your blog

On clicking on the embed button, you'll be presented with a window containing the embed code. Here is an example of the post embedded below.

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Jul 12, 2012

Embed your social posts, Separately

Embed your social posts, Separately Front
Social Ditto, just as the name suggests, basically copies your post hosted on a social networking site and provides you the ability top host it anywhere you like, even in a blogger post.

The application allows its user to select a post, and get an embed code for the particular post, giving them mobility.  The website also provides the developers, a preview of what would the post look like once it is embedded.

The following post has been taken from codemakit Facebook, and through the embed code, it has been embedded bellow.

For Example : 

The 92nd post on codemakit blogs.

The procedure is simple enough, You just have to copy the link from the post and then paste it in the space given on the website. Click on ditto and you'll have the embed code in your hands.

Here are the different steps required for different Social Networks.


  • See the message closely, you will find an 'expand' button on the left hand side of the post at the bottom.
  • Right click and select "Copy Link Location"


  • Select the photo, video, or status update you want to share via ditto
  • Now Right click on the time of the post, given at the upper part of post
  • Now Select "Copy Link Location"
  • Another method can be the one given by facebook developers


  • Select the photo, video, or text you want to share via ditto
  • Now Right click on the time of the post, (Please understand that the time may begiven in the form of letters, as in 'Today' also)
  • Now Select "Copy Link Location"
An example for Twitter Users

Embed your Twitter posts

 The preview looked like this, along with the embed code at the bottom of the page.

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