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Jul 29, 2013

7 Reasons, why do you need an app for your website?

7 Reasons, why do you need an app for your website? frontHave a website and its not doing great? Want another way up? Then you're at the correct place. When you come through the article below you will have a renewed sense of direction and clarity. You will understand why is it better to have a cannon in a world of guns.

My professor used to tell me, the road to success is always fraught with difficulties which can be overcome only by updation. At the age of 68, he used to subscribe to journals and used to buy books just to keep himself updated with the latest technologies. But as a student you are bound to experiment. (What happens if i do this? What happens If i mix this and that?) Applying the same concept to the web design and development sphere, I can ask the same question in a different manner, What if I mixed web design and android apps. The world is obviously android or ios savvy, If I look it in that way, by mixing these two different Things together I am swimming into an ocean of untold possibilities. But again it would need a lot of resources, energy and time too.  Uncertainties will come surely. Questions will be raised, you ask and I'll answer.

"Why android? I am getting pretty good comments and large number of visitors on my website. People do visit my advertisements and every thing looks fine. Why do I waste my time in app creation?"
First of all,there is one figure that you must keep in mind,, 1.5 billion, that's right 'billion' about a quarter of the world population have a smart phone. imagine your reach with so many devices ready to display your website. Also you must have you heard of the pencil example by Swami Vivekananda? 

'To excel, Spend 90% of your time sharpening your pencil and just 10% for using it'

Agreed your website is performing better than ever everything's looking up, but what is you can soar even higher? creating an android app will give higher visibility to your website and thus providing you with more number of visitors swarming your site. wouldn't you like that? I have observed on multiple occasions that people are often lured by a good looking app towards the parent website in search for more material or functionality.

'I am still not convinced, Its just too much trouble for too less'
Ok, I get your suspicion, So I've got 7 crucial reasons which shall clear your doubts. At the end you'll curse yourself 'Why didn't I start sooner?'

Reason 1: More Likes and retweets! :-D

A mobile app will let your readers instantly like your articles, give it a thumbs up, retweet, or give a Google +1.

Reason 2: Higher Visibility babe ;-)

Websites are often looked done because of their higher loading times and erratic behavior on mobile platforms. But apps function well on almost every mobile device.

Reason 3: Boast New Content :-0 

Say Goodbye to the days when people come to your website because of a singular post on facebook or twitter. Now apps are the ones doing all the heavy-work when a new article comes in town. If you own an ecommerce website, special discounts will obviously grab more consumers.

Reason 4: "I trust You, My love"

Psychologically speaking, people find websites with apps more trustable. This leads to more action based clicks and better sales from ecommerce websites.

Reason 5: "Money, Money, Money" $-D

People do not see it coming when they are suddenly lured through apps into buying things.

Reason 6: "Tony will BURN after seeing my app!" :-@

You will actually see the fumes coming out of your competitors head when he sees your new app and what it can do.

Reason 7: "Are you unhappy, my loyal minions?" :-( 

An app will help you understand your consumer's requirements in a better way. A feedback from your loyal visitors or readers is always much appreciated. Provided you take it in the right sense.

"OK, I get it, I'll make an app, but what is the concept? 
How is it different from the mobile website?"

A mobile website lags in several things; a mobile website usually opens up in a browser only, so the user has to open up chrome, safari etc. and then type your web address or name and then search from the Google search listings and then arrive at the website to read the articles. An app will bring more life to the situation, more colors and much more fun! If you need a concept for the app, just wait for the next article.

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Apr 8, 2013

Enslave and Control Search Engines to your wishes

Enslave and Control Search Engines to your wishes front
Find out answers to some of the most pressing questions in the mind of all webmasters, like How do you know if your site has just been crawled? or What do you do to keep your site regularly crawled or How to force search engines to crawl your website more often?

Imagine a situation where you do not need to fret in the morning worrying about how your articles fared among the visitors, the search engines treat your website with respect and honor. Wonder how it would feel like. Now imagine another aggressive situation where all the search engines are in your pocket and because of it, the visitors worship your website.

The only way this is going to happen is when your learn how the search engines function. For example, when you know how your car functions, you can always modify it to run faster. SO when you understand how the search engines function you can always modify your site to function better and give better returns.

Graph Example

How do you know if your site has just been crawled? 

There are certain indications to remind you that your site has just been crawled. But the most definitive indication is a sharp increase in the visitor statistics as shown in the graph(from an actual blog). Though your case might not be as aggressive as given here, but you get the point. You must find out this particular peak in your case and find out the frequency. Now time your articles accordingly to get maximum viewership. To change the frequency of crawling, you must have to change the frequency of posting on your blog or the frequency of updation of your website. A previous article explains pretty clearly how you can create a perfect schedule for your blog posts and in a week and also when should you post/update in a day to get the maximum visitors.

What do you do to keep your site crawled regularly? 

The only answer to this question is by updating your website regularly. Post more frequently and you’ll get your site crawled frequently. But you must remember, as omnipresent and omnipotent Google appears to be, Not all pages appear in a Google search results. To phrase it properly, not all pages are indexed in Google’s records. The reasons vary much but you can appeal against Google’s decision by submitting it manually through your Google webmaster account. The only limitation is that you can submit only 500 links through your webmaster account. The above was to have your webpage crawled, but what should you do to save your webpage from being crawled? The answer is a robots.txt file. Since the Google-bots are automated, a robots.txt file is checked first before a bot enters the site for the crawling process. So through a directive in your file you can prevent the Google-bots from entering in the particular webpage thus avoiding any crawl process. 

How to force Google to crawl your website more frequently?

  • One of the ways is with the use of internal and external links. Those are also to be used in two different methods, by harboring links or by hosted links on external websites. Internal links on your websites will provide incentives to search engines to crawl the website more frequently so as to index more links. However for the case of frequency of crawling, more preferable than internal links are external links. Google values external links because it considers it (External links) as a source of new links increasing the overall directory strength of the web giant. It also considers external links as another method of value addition to the hyperlinks.
  • Another higher priority method is by hosting your link on some other website. When a link of your website is found on another website Google values it as a recommendation for your website to be crawled further. Your link status can be very well found out using your Google websmaster tools. Some web experts claim that your website server must also be fast. For those of you who have hosted their own website on your own hardware, it is better to upgrade and render your site fast enough.
  • Another method is sitemaps, A Site-Map is basically a way of telling the search engines how you want your website to be crawled. Personally, I’ve had some bitter experiences with site maps and my views are shared with several others. I would not recommend using site-maps even though it can be called as a possible solution to the web crawl scenario.

Last but not the least, the only sure-shot way of ensuring frequent visits by Google is by frequent updation of your content.

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Mar 18, 2013

Tips to protect yourself from divulging your web account's passwords

Tips to protect yourself from divulging your web account's passwords
How can you protect yourself from giving out your passwords? Here are simple points for protecting yourself from divulging your passwords. 

For any webmaster, there will be scores of usernames and passwords which must be kept as secret as possible. Though unintentional, but a leak is a leak and can be very disruptive if not handled carefully. There are hackers looming nearby, You could be the next target.

Here are some tips to keep yourself protected at all times. It is the small things that matter the most. The following are the tips 

  1. Never use the default password given by the website itself, always change it whenever you get the time.
  2. Also when you ask for a password reset, always change the password once its done. Do you know how passwords are actually stored on websites? Take a look.
  3. Always keep your mail passwords with utmost privacy because once your mail password is divulged, anyone can reset your mail password or any website account password with just a click.
  4. If you are a web personality or choose to live your life on the web, you would obviously be burdened with the task of storing the passwords somewhere. Never make the mistake of storing it in a simple text file. Use simple but advanced measures (Take a look). So that even if your PC/Laptop is out of your reach, you'll be at peace.
  5. Never give your password to any website or authority. Keep it in mind that no one should ever ask for your password, if they do they’re not authentic.
  6. When in a café, Hotel, Restaurant etc. with an unsafe Wi-Fi, never open up any of your important mail or website accounts like your bank accounts.
  7. Never use the same password and username for every account but use a single password with slight modifications for each website account, Eg. Create a base password like 93110299, now for gmail the password might be 93110299gm, for your flight travel account, it might be 93110299ft or 93110299jet etc, this will save you the hassle to remember different passwords and thereby remove any need to write them down.
If you're still unsure or you need more information, You can have a look at some simple steps to stay safe online.

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Feb 4, 2013

Make your Visitors stay Longer at your website

Make your Visitors stay Longer at your website
Ever wondered what makes people stick to your website. What keeps them attached and prevents them from leaving your website? This article outlines all the working methods there are, to keep your visitors longer on your website.

Any blog to impart its full impact to its readers, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

The Ease of finding the blog and its links,
The Time taken by the visitors to go through your site and
The Ability to find what they’re looking for without hassle.

The effectiveness of your blog or its article is jeopardized considerably when visitors do not stay at your website. How? Let’s have a look.


When visitors do not stay longer, they will not go through your precious data and your conclusions and even your recommendations. This will increase your bounce rate, (Though it is not the most efficient way of determining a blog's fame). They will not have the time to find what they’re looking for and so they will not try out the internal and external links you've just placed.

Not only this, the visitors will not click on the ads you've placed in hopes of gaining some monetary value from your blog. The repercussion is even worse for commercial websites who thrive on the so called ‘call to action’, a term which denotes an action of the visitor like buying something or adding something to cart or even downloading.

So what should you do to make your visitors remain on your website longer? What should you do to keep your visitors interested in your webpage so that they hover around and not just bounce away? Who knows you might even double your visitors.

Remove Unwanted Page Links

Though it is important to link other websites regularly on your website and external links are one of the three important things, a website needs to get into top 500. But, Just as 'excess of anything is bad', keeping too many external links in your blog or webpage, act as incentives and opportunities for the people to move on to other websites.

This leads to lower visitor time and lower ‘call to actions’. Instead, write more and link your own posts and Webpages in your landing page.

Loosen Yourself

When writing a blog, you must understand that it’s just an article to be published in your blog and not a research journal with proper punctuation and extraordinarily formal ‘grey’ language to be published in a famous journal. Just loosen up a bit, use your own words and emotions in it. When people read your article, it will open up like someone is talking to them and we all like talking better than reading.

Your way of talking and writing combined will captivate your readers and compel them to stick to your article till the end. When you create an emotional connection with your readers, they will try to go to your facebook or twitter page.

They will subscribe to your blog feed and some will even comment on what they thought about the article and how it could be improved.

Watching is Believing

We all know that listening is better than reading, but what is better than listening? The only thing better than listening is seeing it with your own eyes. What is better than a video to indulge 2 of your most trusted senses to work?

When people click on the translucent triangle they’re transferred to a world of information, where everything is moving. The users will not have to browse through your article searching for points of intersection with their interests. So, make a YouTube account, make and add videos on the topic of interest and just embed the video in the blog post.

Seeing is Believing

Now this portion is in conjunction with the seeing is believing part, Videos are nice but they take up a lot of time from the blogger. What should you do when you do not have enough time to make a nice video? You make up images, colorful image do help in captivating visitors to see what’s inside.

The title must be large or in uppercase, it should not be misleading. The users must get what they came here after seeing your title. Subheadings keep it simple and allows reader to jump from one portion of your text to other without having to search for it. This lowers the bounce rates i.e. user leaving after finding the txt too boring.

Altius Fortius Citius

Your page must load with celerity; the loading time for any website is a crucial factor in determining if the reader wants to stay there or not. It forms the first impression of your website in the eyes of the visitor. Analysts claim that user has made his mind within first 3 seconds after clicking a link, whether he is willing to make the effort to dig out information from your website.

A higher page load time will lead to frustration and loss of interest. If you cannot make your webpages faster, just ensure you've made some changes to your homepage to make it load faster.

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Time Tested Methods of Keeping Your Visitors Longer MohitChar

Jan 25, 2013

5 types of About Us pages for Web Developers

5 types of About Us pages for Web Developers Front
Presenting thorough analysis on the five main types of About us/me pages for web design blogs. 

The following are the different types – 'The Large company type’, ‘The funny man type’, ‘Veterans’, ‘Minimalists’ and the ‘Timeliners’. Read and find out which category you fall in.

The websites given as example in the article are properly linked with their respective about pages. You are free to visit for a better experience.

The Large Web Company type

The Large Web Company type
A classic example of a large web company is sitepronews or webpronews or even web design ledger (WDL). These websites’ ‘about page’ blares out loud, “You can try and ignore me, but I am WAY TOO big to be ignored.” The webpage starts with an ‘ignore-us’ type paragraph sans any links or large font headings, but then comes the blacksuit-sunglasses type language about the organization and its incorporation. All of this in a typical office like background in addition to a hefty contact information. But again there are exceptions of course, some of the companies do have a story to share, a tale to tell that too in a person to person language, don’t believe me, take a look at the ‘A list apart’ about page or sitepoint(close enough).

The Funny-man Type

The Funny-man TypeYou can even try the style adopted by coding horror, the ‘about page’ is written in simple first person peppered with small gimmicks using strike outs in some places. Needless to say it helps the visitor stick to the page and read it to the end. After the usual introduction with me and myself, the article takes the shape of a timeline about the author.
Though the about page must end here but, the page goes on and becomes a question and answer session.  The author, Jeff Atwood then explains why he chose to blog, how he does blog and why does he give such weird names to his creations. As a whole the, complete page is beautified with photos and images of website and logos and of course a smart photo of the author. He did not forget the ‘contact us’ phrase and has disabled the comments section.
Do not be misled by the term funny. Funny in this context might not always mean something hilarious, but something which touches your heart and makes an emotional connection with the author. An example is,

The Veteran Type

The Veteran Type
This type of ‘About Page’ always works well with veterans, who have been in the business for quite some time before (take Amit Agrawal for example). They have many-a-times touched the levels of greatness. The page starts with a life-sized picture of the veteran blogger probably pictured with a professional photographer. Then the text starts with the qualifications of the blogger, where he’s from and what he did before blogging.
To pull the audience in the loyalty circle, this page brags (in a positive way) about the achievements of the author. The works or projects undertaken by the author (like some website tools programmed by the author) which will help the reader to develop a connection, so that a moment comes when the user thinks (Oh so he’s the creator of the tool, he’s so awesome). Obviously the last part will contain contact information along with a small social media widgets like Facebook like box or twitter feed. You might use some vector social media icons so that when the visitor clicks on it, he is taken to the author’s social media presence.
Some veterans also use a YouTube video on themselves. Which is no biggie for them as they’re the holy grail of their field but it can be used as a tool to inspire the amateur bloggers to either like the page’s Facebook page or twitter feeds or even better, subscribe to the blog’s feed itself.


MinimalistsSome about pages are minimalist, like take shailan’s for an example, the guy is an expert in wordpress plugins but the about page is nothing like its usual blog post. The page, prepped with links is simple and just informs the visitors about what it does before ending with a ‘contact me’ phrase. Taking henry’s example, though he has taken a lot of space on the about page with his oversized fonts and beautiful pictures of his creations, but still hasn’t given a lot of information about himself. Though there is a link to his complete portfolio in the about page but you do not expect the user to scroll up and down in frenzy looking for his portfolio. Another example is ‘tutorial Blog’.

The Timeliners or The Timeline lovers

The Timeliners or The Timeline lovers
There are some people who love history, who love answering questions like how did this start? How did this come to life? They have been in the game for long but they’re not veterans. They rely on a timeline divided by years, months etc. to pronounce their achievements and milestones in their or their creation’s life. They’re the bubbly archivers who want to impress the readers by the sheer presence and many a times they succeed. For an example, you might want to take a look at chriscoyier’s about page. A  very good idea, if you decide to go for it, would be to create a javascript based timeline which opens up in front of the user while hovering on it (use your imagination!!!). Another very unique type of about page is of 37signals. The website contains a mixture of timeliners and the funnyman type. It is a fun to read.

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Jan 7, 2013

How do I improve my page rank

How do I improve my page rank Front
Here's a highly informative article on PageRank and the ways to increase the PageRank of any website, upto and including what to do and what not to do.

Basically PageRank is decided by the number and the quality of incoming links. By quality backlinks, Google means authoritative and quality websites with PageRanks greater than or equal to the initial website in question. So what’s the obvious answer, increase your page rank by getting more people to link back to you.

But increasing PageRank is not that simple, There are a long list of things other than quality content plus some things which you must first consider before you admit that you’ve done a lot for your website.

Submission to websites

Though I agree, submitting your website to other so called ‘directories’ is not very useful but I must admit, it isn’t a method you should not try. You must experiment and see if it suits you. Some websites have achieved a single page rank upgradation by just adopting this technique. So find out which directories are the best and submit your website to them. If you need an ideal number codemakit websiteresearch did an analysis and recommends about 20 directories submission and approval before you see any visible changes in your page rank.

Social Networks

Social Media networks (like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter)are a nice way of shouting out to the world that you’re there. It is the continuous exposure to social environment which leads the search engine to believe that you’re a professional and to treat you as such. Also don't just stop at social networks, You can even be a part of professional networks to expand your horizon and generate new ideas.

Be a commentator

When commenting on other blogs, you are helping them survive in this cut-throat competition. But more importantly, you’re helping yourself thrive by adding valuable backlinks and by making people aware about your website

My comments are Gold, Yours is not!

In conjunction to the above paragraph, there are people who overdo the above technique. When people think they’re smarter than others and try a simple generic sentence and add a nonchalant link within. For example one might come across such comments like, “I liked the article and especially how you summarized it all at the end, you could not have made it easier !!” at the first look you would allow these comments if you’re a moderator, but sooner or later you will find that such spam comments (Read how to remove them) are doing you harm as they’re associating your website with theirs, as you promote their website by providing backlinks. In such a case always use Nofollow attribute in your comments section (Read More). So you get nice little comments and your website reputation will remain intact.

Backlink from serious websites,

From the word serious, I meant dead serious. Those who either have a pagerank of more than 7 or have tremendous impact in the real world out there. For example, a single link from Wikipedia will add a lot of authority to your website or a link from Government websites or from news websites etc.

Better code configuration

A very useful online test for checking your code style and W3 compatibility is the W3 code validator. A site map is very useful to eliminate errors. A dirty or incompatible coding will always lead to a lower page rank.

Old is Gold

The age of a domain is one of the most important parameters which qualifies a website to be allotted a page rank. Some blogs claim that Google is not convinced about the authority of a website until it has been there on the net for more than a year. The concept is based on a simple belief which has been in use for the past century, i.e. higher the time spent by the business or any entity, better and more trustable it is in the field.

What does your address looks like

When choosing for an address for your blog, You must remember one thing, a website or a blog with an address of ‘’ is much better than that of ‘’. The difference is pronounced similarly for the end users and the search engine crawlers. So the more hate a person harbors, more pronounced will be the effect on the search engine listings finally leading to the PageRank of the particular webpage. Not even this, a certified website always performs better on google's books, So if you have some cash to spare then get your website certified.

Avoid the following,

One must strive not only to follow the above measures but also to avoid certain points. Some blogs often claim that dirty or perverted words often reduce the PageRank of a website but surely there is no way to check that is it? But one can be very sure of one thing, when you indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques or invalid link building practices your PageRank will surely drop.

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Jan 1, 2013

What comes after writing Quality content?

What comes after writing Quality content FrontIt is indispensable to write content that is brief and dense.  As is always said, a good quality content is like buying a car, if you've done your research, you’ll reap its benefits for years to come. 

But one question must have been bugging the minds of people who already have shining medals of honor on their websites, with contents filled with keywords and densely packed information. What do you do now? 

The obvious answer is keep on writing great content and you’ll be rewarded with visitors, But I beg to differ; what if there is still something remaining? What if I tell you, this is not the last stop or even better, there is no last stop?

Guest blogging

After writing many articles on a subject, a time comes when you become an authority on the subject, Now it is time to help other bloggers. There are websites like, or, who allow bloggers and enthusiasts to write articles for them. The bloggers are then rewarded by a link back from such respected and highly venerable websites. This helps you a lot if you need fast growth.

Modifying and adding Keywords

When writing posts, bloggers often face situation known as writer’s block and they limit their writings, as a result keywords do not come to mind and certain well deserved keywords slip out. When reviewing the article again, you view it from second person’s eye and you find the keywords and the labels you’re missing.

Update your previous Articles

Yes, there is no last stop for webmasters who want quality content. The definition of quality content itself means content which contains quality. An article might be outdated after a few months and an outdated article is not quality content. It is just a mixture of words and cleverly placed sentences which had value in the past but is now just a history. So the main idea here is that you should never stop updating. I would quote a very famous saying we had in our institute, ‘When you stop growing, you start dying’. Unless you start updating your previous articles, they will always face danger of being marked outdated. What do you mean by updating? Here is a list:

  1. Correcting grammatical errors you might have created in your starting phases.
  2. Removing excess images from your article
  3. Linking and citing External websites
  4. Linking your own webpages or Intralinking
  5. Add more value to your article
  6. Correct SEO faults if possible
  7. Remove pages giving error messages

Market your previous posts on social networks

Some of the best and the most read bloggers use this technique. Here, they dig out an article written quite a long time ago and read comments, take suggestions and update the article. This article is again posted on social networking websites (like pinterest, foursquare, facebook and others) as a new article. The viewers at the social media platforms, see the article and mistake it as new, thereby applauding the blogger’s dedication. The search engines reward the website because it is updated, the viewers  reward the website and the blogger by visiting and clicking on ads and the blogger rewards himself a piece of cake from the refrigerator because he is happy, So it’s a win-win-win situation.

We're both Bloggers lets talk and we can work together and improve

Communicate with your fellow bloggers,

Communication is the key to success in blogging. Talking to your visitors, commenters and even blog mates is important. Collaborate and communicate within bloggers in your community. When you do so, you’ll find even more ideas and more methods to improve your blog.

For More information, try out codemakit's The SEO and content Guide e-book in pdf.

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What comes after writing Quality content MohitChar

Dec 18, 2012

Google's Superior and Inferior Content

Google's Superior and Inferior Content Front
The concept of Google’s good content is not very new; Website owners often find it confusing, as some practices are considered very well, whereas some are deemed as poor.

So how do you know if your content creation practices are good enough or will they be considered as tricks to deceive search engines?

So here is a list of things you should do and things you should not. enjoy reading.

Superior Content

A good and worthy content must have the following characteristics,
    Superior Content
  1. It should be written in the blogger’s own words, because search engines can catch copy cats and punish them.
  2. The content must be Original, The more you copy, the more SEO tactics you'll have to use to compensate for lost visitors. So, a simple request, don't copy. It is easier for any one much less anything to find out if you've been copied or not.
  3. The content must provide substantial information to its visitors. Why else would you think would people come to your website and not go to Wikipedia?
  4. It has been seen that a blog which answers a question performs better that those who write long stories.
  5. Must maintain proper grammar usage throughout the paragraph. Wrong grammar usage will lead to misspelled keywords, leading to lower visitors.
  6. The content must be in conjunction with the keywords and the labels decided by the owner.
  7. Code must be proper and must contain simple headings and titles, bold text can be used as a leverage.

Inferior Content

    Inferior Content
  1. Content directly copied from other websites
  2. Content merged from other websites and pasted at yours
  3. More images than text. Simple concept which spells out that search engines have not been that innovative to explode and find out the content from inside an image.
  4. Content created from JavaScript or Flash Content, because the Javascript would exist in a page as a two or three line code, not as the text you envisioned or the text you kept inside.
  5. Improper Grammar and word usage
  6. Page and image names not containing proper names (i.e.) images named as ‘1.jpg’ or ‘q.jpg’
  7. Confusing text, where the blogger actually tries to confuse the readers and the search engine to believe that it is a quality page without imparting any important information
  8. Copyright infringement
  9. Plagiarism
  10. Violating your blogging platform's policies.
For More information on content writing techniques, try out codemakit's The SEO and content Guide e-book in pdf.

*image courtesy by ragestache
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Dec 10, 2012

Faults in your SEO and How to rectify them

Faults in your SEO and How to rectify them front
You might have tried various techniques for bettering your chances of landing on the good books of popular search engines. 

But in that process, have you left out some measures, or are you misusing certain methods?

You might have a To-Do list for SEO techniques, you know, do this do that but are you sure there aren't  any glaring faults in your SEO strategy that might be overlooked?

Lets see,

Misuse of Meta Description

Under the purview of the word Misuse, I would also include, not using the Meta Description at all. Basically Meta-Description is a short summary of your website which is shown below the link shown on the search engine list. Another good use of subconscious reasoning of users, when the users look for something, they would look for keywords within the Meta-Description, to ensure that they have what they’re looking for.

Keywordless URL or Title

The first thing a cautious or a paranoid visitor will look for, before left clicking on the blue link is, if the title shown, contains some words which the user searched for, meaning when You search for bouquets and you get a list of websites with title named as “best flowers” or “beautiful flowers”, 

Faults in your SEO and How to rectify them

You’ll subconsciously search for something with the word “bouquets”, even if it is something like, “bouquets for you”.

Regarding URL, search bots usually have unhealthy attraction towards URLs containing the keywords. So, a website would enjoy higher preference if its URL is of something like, “”. 

So never leave out such small things just because you don’t care. But remember, do not fill up pages with keywords (You must know the perils) hoping to have brewed something really nice. Pizzas are the only ones that taste better with more toppings.

Not going for a single keyword for a page

Keywordless URL or TitleIt is a time tested principle of looking and targeting for a single keyword for a single page, If you’re a blogger, Target for a single keyword and write your article accordingly. When you target a single keyword for an article, the search engine bot, which crawls through your website, would place your article above others who use generic name. 

For Example, you’re writing an article on Search Engine Optimization Techniques, then use “Search Engine Optimization Techniques” or SEOT. Do not use the keyword as SEO, It creates confusion for the Search Engine as well as the End user.

Eccentric Use of Links

People often make this mistake, one of the most common mistakes for beginners. If you’re a pro Blogger, then you must have a large number of posts and articles written before the present post. So what is the harm in linking them back to your article based on relevance? 

But where is the eccentric use? It is the abnormal number of links in articles. One article contains as much as 20 links and another does not have any? I don’t know about you but, the situation seems to be as an illegal use of hyperlinks to the web crawlers. 

The search engine will cut points from your website, deeming your website as one which uses Black Hat SEO Techniques. So, use links effectively, and spread them uniformly in all your articles.

No Diverse Backlinks

Getting backlinks is not that difficult, there are many ways to get a link of your website, displayed on the webpage of another, but when a single webpage is worshiping your endeavors, the situation becomes suspicious in the eyes of search engines. 

The obvious question comes up, “Why is the A page so obsessed with the website B? Is the page A independent or just created by the website B’s owner to gather links?” Now such questions are meaningless for social networks, but you understand my point. So try to gather as many links you can but without looking like a cyber criminal.

Misuse of Keywords 

Misuse of Keywords

Keywords as you know them are the building blocks of SEO, The only thing keeping you from potential swarm of visitors. Choose you keywords right and you’ll be handsomely rewarded, choose it wrong and well you’ll be tagged, “forever alone”. 

Just as explained above, wrong choice of keywords will confuse the end users as well as the search engines. If you’re a bouquet specialist, then use the keyword bouquet and don’t use flowers. If you use both, then even the search engines will scratch their heads, ‘Where should we put him, under flowers or bouquets?’

For More information on SEO tactics and keyword improvement, try out codemakit's 'The SEO and content Guide' free e-book in pdf.

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Dec 8, 2012

Why not to submit your site to several websites?

Why not to submit your site to several websites Front
When trying for higher listings, you resort to submitting your website to several other so called "Search Engine Directories" or "Blog Directories", The obvious reason behind this endeavor is to increase the links pointing towards your site, which makes it look cooler in the eyes of search engines. But wait, What's the catch? If you think it through, Some questions would pop-up in your mind. 'Why would a website, which has too many contacts and thus has the ability of submitting a blog/site to more than 1000 websites at a time, would even think of submitting your blog/website to them? Whats in it for them? Are you going to come back to the site? No (so no new visitors). Are you going to reffer the website to your friends? No (If you do, you're competitors' websites will also gain the same popularity, So no mouth spread marketing. So what are they doing here?'

It happened to one of my readers and he shared the story with me. "Frustrated with low visitors and constant nudges from his competitors, The person went online, in search of new ways to make his blog fly. He landed on a website which claimed submission to more than 1200 search engines. After being asked to enter email address and some information, he was asked to enter his blog's name and address. Until then every thing went smoothly. But the downhill came when he opened his mail box. It was flooded with emails and spams (A total of 58 new unwanted emails in just a day).

Search Engine Data
It is clear in the above case, that the website had links to several spam websites too and  along with authentic search engines of google, yahoo etc, spammers were also included in the list. Now do you understand, how would a website like this earn, The spammers would pay the list to include their names. Also the spammer would earn when he/she sells the list of email addresses and names to large corporations for spam promotional emails and email phishing. 

The figure depicts the share of search volume by search engines from Karmasnack (July 2012). As is clear from the figure, Google's share is highest about 88.8%, Followed by Microsoft's Bing, taking 4.2%. China's Baidu owing to much larger population and usage comes on number 3, followed by yahoo.
If you look closely, The websites boasting for  over 200 search engines, even if true (and I'm not saying it is.) would come under 0.5 %  of the total search volume.

Now, most professionals know such trap and they do not indulge in such practices. But, there are some, who are relentlessness and keep visiting such places and submit to the sites, They are least bothered by the spam and to be safe, they use disposable email addresses, Their practices are unencumbered and are powered by hope of more visitors. Such people are "despowner" i.e. Desperate Web Owners, who are unsuspecting people, not from the web sphere like Lawyers, Doctors etc who mean well but fall into such traps. Take simple advice, Do not fall in the trap. Use your logic and apply other methods to optimize your website

Some of them are : 
1. Use simple but effective SEO Techniques (understand, how rankings work).
2. Intelligent use of Keywords
3. Reduce loading Time of your website
5. Improve feed Visibility.
6. Popularise your website through social networks like facebook.
7. Get your website checked for errors.

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Nov 11, 2012

Merge Several URLs into one

Merge Several URLs into one Front
Imagine a situation when you're sitting next to a computer, you want to share a number of websites to your friends, so you've got two ways, either collect the URLs and paste them at a single place, however, the method would pose problems when you try to squeeze them together in a tiny 140 character limit for twitter. Now use of URL shorteners (like is also possible but with limitations.

Other method is when you share the URL individually on your microblogging site. But even you know, that its tedious and time consuming. Now that leaves you open to hear out the solution given bellow.

The website, BridgeURL combines the different URLs given by the user and displays them at a single webpage, with a url given to you at Bridge URL.

The website is simple as it is and highly functional. You job is to collect the URLs you need to share and paste them in the space provided, give a name to your list and just click create link.

Bridge URL
You'll recieve a message that your bridge has been created and you'll be presented with two different working URLs.

If you need to find out how you new URL looks like, then copy and visit it.
You'll be presented with a list of your links all at one page.

Bridge URL

The website metaphorically creates a bridge between your selected links and its created one.

Bridge URL

Here is a Video depicting its usage

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